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Your Greatest Manifestation Tool

By Inelia Benz


Manifestation happens all the time. It is not something that we “start to do” when we become conscious of it, or our awareness expands. We literally do it all the time. Even “time” is an act of manifestation.

Now, in the paradigm we are leaving behind, we decided to have set, solid, agreed parameters manifested and locked into place, so we could have a very particular type of experience.

The new paradigm we are partly into has us consciously manifesting what we want to experience.

We do this by first deciding what it is that we want to manifest in our lives, and then using various tools to consciously do it.

The biggest and most essential of these tools is DAYDREAMING.

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Quantum Physics: Sensing Unbroken Wholeness

by Judith Bluestone Polich

Excerpt from Return of the Children of Light, Incan and Mayan
Prophecies for a New World
(pp. 97 -0 101)

COMMENT: In this intriguing look at quantum physics and the nature of the physical world the author explores the break-through concepts of modern science that support the ancient beliefs put forth by eastern and indigenous teachings that we live in a world of illusion.   The physical world in fact is both particle and wave and is unified in one interacting whole.  The concept that we are “light beings” takes on a clearer meaning through this revelation.

Sensing Unbroken Wholeness

   We may then consider every cell in the human body as a library of information. Each cell is made of molecules, each molecule is made of atoms, and atoms are made of electrons, neutrons, and protons. In connection with Einstein’s…

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It seems we have not gotten the real background on the history of Earth. A lot of stuff coming up lately showing things that were built by humans much earlier than our currently accepted history allows for. Tolkien was onto something;–)