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Brian Froud’s Faery Oracle book talks about the Song of the Universe as well. Everything has it’s own song, the challenge just now for the human race is to get back in tune with Gaia;-)

aisha north

I just found this very interesting link of a recording made by NASA of an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts. Not only is it beautiful, but it also triggers something in me about the way information is being channeled to us from the Universe. To quote from the article: “They are thought to be one of the most important waves for energizing the electrons that make up the outer radiation belt.” To me, this is also linked to the research on the acoustics of so many sacred places around the world. The subject of sound and vibration is so important, and this will become more and more clear to us all now that the veils are lifting. The ancient civilizations knew about of this, and they utilized sound in their healing work. I have this image of the “the hospitals of tomorrow” that will be like giant auditoriums…

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