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I really like the way this lady writes. She is not only giving us information, she is showing us a template of how to access our own internal information. Instead of just giving proclamations of “fact” or prediction, she has (quite bravely imho) opened up her heart and inner life to share with us, allowing others to get ideas of ways to access our own tools of knowing. I am reblogging this here with much gratitude to Lisa Gawlas!

Lucas 2012 Infos

There is a part of the fullness of yesterday that is just lingering here in front of my vision.  So I will start by sharing that.  It was a continuation from the meditation I had a couple days ago where I was about 13-14 years old, looking exactly like a school picture I had seen of myself at my fathers, standing on a sundial.  Yesterday’s meditation started out in the same place, young me on a sun dial, wearing the exact same clothes I had on in that school picture, only instead of standing I was now kneeling to the right side of a sundial that was slowly moving left or clockwise.  I am going to share this 70′s photo of me with you (yikes.)

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