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I like this very much the reminder that LOVE is at the hear of ascension, not intellect or knowledge. I got sent to the principal in multiple religious schools for questioning the idea that those who had not heard of Jesus would go to hell, but the answers never satisfied me. The Mother of All that is, IS LOVE-so how could she arbitrarily divide anything by such ridiculous standards as knowledge of Jesus(or Merkabas, or whatever)? I have a vision of the change on Earth right now as points of light spreading into webs that connect and grow together organically-each point of light starts from just one person, just one act, one life lived from the heart and it draws and affects others, who affect others-on and on until the whole world is changed from corruption and destruction, pollution and violence to Love and Healing, to community and the return of the unbroken circle the ancestors knew that we have so often dreamt of.

Sirian Heaven

Note: Due to a question I have to give an answer. Barack Obama is of sirian origin and as a sirian a commander of a mothership, not in his earthly incarnation. There is more than one mothership in the sirian fleet.


I will start with a quick update. Fortunately, I can report to you that the diverse and sometimes very heavy attacks on Lightworkers have declined sharply. Various measures on our part have been very successful. Since these measures still persist, I can not say more to it for security reasons.

Barack Obama is our chosen candidate for the U.S. presidential election. He has the full support and confidence of the Galactic Federation. Barack Obama is highly spiritually developed, and as a commander of a Sirian mothership one of my close associates. I do not want to say more at this point.

We are all aware that your Earth…

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