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The divine energies enveloping the planet continue to strengthen and intensify as increasing numbers of humans start opening their hearts to receive what they have been seeking for eons, namely a sense or awareness of the fact that they are eternally loved by their infinitely kind and generous Father.  As you open your hearts further and further this awareness, this certainty grows, and the divine energies respond by expanding and extending.  Your determined intent to be aware of God’s Love for you is recognized by Him, and so He strengthens and intensifies the energy field enveloping you, and it is this that is moving you forwards towards your inevitable awakening.

He has always desired that you dissolve the illusion by awakening into the glory of His Presence where you belong and where you have your eternal existence; It is your Home.  But you — having the free will that He…

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I love the way Denise Le Fay can discuss things that to most people would seem “far out” or strange, in such a calm, matter of fact and common sense way. I also like that in this post she is demonstrating something I personally think is very important-the simple fact that hierarchy is pointless. One upping, “being RIGHT” feeling superior to another is a waste of energy.
The whole idea of there being “one right way to be/live” is a total farce. The universe simply does not work that way-look around-obviously God loves Diversity;-)
If two people, or cultures, or groups have differing ideas or experiences one of them does not have to be right and the other wrong-as in the symbol of the Tao, two opposites can co-exist in peaceful balance.

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This is a bit long and perhaps somewhat esoteric for some readers, but I found it very interesting. I especially like that they point out that oneness does not mean a lack of individual boundaries and energies. This is a fundamental truth I have felt was lacking or ignored in many discussions about “oneness”.