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aisha north

Time is speeding up, and much is starting to fall by the wayside because of this. To many of you, this is mayhaps not too apparent in your daily life, but if you go into this with your eyes and hearts wide open, we think you will all see and feel much change already. As always, the mass media is above all focused on trying to keep you all into thinking that everything is as before, or maybe perhaps a little bit worse. But again, we implore you not to get lost in the millions of unencouraging words and images they continue to spew forth. They are only meant to discourage you all from seeing the truth, namely that this world is indeed changing, minute by minute, one soul at a time. It may sound like this whole process is going excruciatingly slow, and for some, it seems unbearably so…

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I think this is important to note, that what we read, whether channeled or not, is just a supplement to our own internal knowing and growth. Personally, I find it wonderful and helpful that so many are choosing now to speak out and begin a worldwide conversation on our collective future. I too used to avoid anything like channeling, it sounded too much like Crowley’s silly party games and I could not imagine it being useful.
Now I find that accepting that uncertainty, that mystery and even a certain comfort with being silly, is a path more open to growth and change than the safety if rejecting things that are widely considered far out and strange.
Just because you read something does not mean you have to believe every bit of it, or that your inner knowing will be pushed aside by invading ideas;-)