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more of the 1% thinking the whole planet belongs to them. why people believe anything put out by these liars or their pals at FOX and Clear Channel is beyond me. some days my ability to stay in unconditional love and compassion for all living beings is sorely tested by beings who persistently make free will choices to cause harm to others for their own benefit. I keep trying (look at a few pictures of the tar sands mining area and then read what the people who have lived there for their whole lives have to say about the beauty and history of their lands and their ancestors, and the mess they live with now and perhaps you can forgive my lapse and understand more:-/ If I knew how to change myself faster to help change such things faster I would do it, WILL do it as soon as I can!

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I made a loong comment on the page I am reblogging from so I think I will let you read it there if you like:-) I personally have no problem with Cobra but I don’t believe anyone on the internet, I just take what works for me and let the rest go. I like his focus on peace and nonviolence,and on not falling for the old cabal divide and conquer trick. LOVE is the answer as John Lennon said so long ago! Be LOVE, be loving and respectful even when you disagree and you starve the archons and move the world closer to new world we are all trying to co-create.

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aisha north

As of today, many will feel the need to stand a little bit taller in the role as carriers of the light, because now, the level of energies has reached a plateau that will be important for the next phase in  this unveiling process. Let us explain.

As we have said again and again, this process will be taken in increments, and the timing of each sequence in this program of downloading energies not only into you, but into your planet as well, has been carefully planned. Each stage is carefully sequenced, both in timing and in intensity, and together, it will become a structure so formidable there is nothing like it in the universe. You have been builders for a long time, and now, the structure you have all been busy putting together is becoming more and more visible. For some, they have already gotten their first glimpse of…

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