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wow, this person has given me an amazing gift. all these years i thought i was awakening and falling back asleep but that’s just the nature of reality. you can choose to return to that bliss state to find comfort, but life isn’t going to be automatically comfortable all the time after you wake up. it is your perspective that changes, not the discomfort. this blog was for me, jsut now, like the monk coming to the door to call the other monk who had been meditating for days on water buffalo and no one had seen him-and the monk in the hut replies “I can’t get out, my horns won’t fit thru the door”. all my confusion and tightness just dissolved and the space inside my head expanded way beyond my head. how funny that i could forget this!

freestyle awakening

Waking up entails first realizing you are asleep, or at least questioning whether or not you understand the way things are. You suspect that there is more to this life than the status quo of mundane human habit patterning and cycling. At this point you have a base-level gut feeling that things may not be what they seem, and that you just need to figure it out.

The process of waking up that follows is best explained as a process of disintegration followed by a process of reintegration.

Disintegration is necessary because up until the point of setting out on a path to awakening you feel an intuitive sense of being a separate being in a world which is simultaneously familiar and foreign to you. This sense of separateness becomes utterly unbearable. Going about your life in the usual way, in attempt to fulfill the longings themed around the…

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