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14 Activists Arrested Protesting Coal in South Africa

Earth First! Newswire

Fourteen activists including groundWork‘s Bobby Peek, Earthlife’s Makoma Lekalakala and Greenpeace Africa‘s Melita Steele have been arrested while protesting at the Eskom megawatt park. Today, three campaigning organizations joined forces to put South Africa’s energy utility, Eskom, under “new management.” Activists confronted the utility to publicly highlight that Eskom has failed to deliver clean, affordable, accessible electricity to the people of this country, and demand a shift away from coal. The organizations installed “new management” members Bobby Peek as the new Eskom CEO, Makoma Lekalakala as the new Eskom stakeholder engagement director and Melita Steele3 as the new Eskom spokesperson.

The protest at Megawatt Park comes in the wake of Eskom’s announcement of further electricity price hikes to pay for new coal-fired power stations.

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Openhearted Rebellion

Enlightened Beings ~

The 7 Secrets To Experiencing Bliss

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/enlightened-beings-7-secrets-experiencing-bliss

Jafree Ozwald | October 22 2012


What is meditation? Many believe that meditation is focusing and concentrating the mind on one particular object, such as a candle flame, a yoga posture or the rise and fall of your breath. The truth is that these concentration techniques lead one into the experience of meditation, they are a taxi service, yet are not the actual destination of meditation itself. True meditation is an effortless space of unbounded consciousness where the mind is set aside, and you are completely alert, alive and very very still. It is this total stillness of the mind that leads one into bliss. Without any effort or concentration on anything, you drop deep inside and become the playful witness of your divinity.

One small piece of advice before…

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Openhearted Rebellion


I voted early last week, and slapped this sticker on my coat. Despite my own understanding that both candidates and both parties are cabal-controlled, I still agree with the New Yorker, that it is imperative to re-elect Obama. Why? Because he hasn’t yet shown what he can do, given the forces arrayed against him. And I am one of those who choose to remain open to the possibiity that “we can,” and that the sacrifice Obama is making by gifting his life force to the world’s peoples during this time of greatest peril is of immense value, and deserves our support.

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Justice

Openhearted Rebellion


Weight your pro’s and con’s Justice is about more than just righting wrongs. True justice is about being fair and just in all your actions and dealings. Ask your angels to guide you to reach balanced decisions for yourself. Try to assess the situation instead of judging the people involved or the circumstances. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, ask your angels to help you see the ‘others’ point of view as well as your own and act from that place within you that is balanced and comes from love and compassion. According to the law of cause and effect, whatever you do to others you will, in the end, experience for yourself, therefore it is always wise to seek the best outcome for all involved and to hold everyone in the light of co-operation and for the good of all.

Choose to give of…

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This is the exact same situation as Iraq in the 90’s. The children and the sick suffer for the stupid arm wrestling for power among the elites. It’s time for regime change on Planet Earth! From regime of elites running planet badly to people running planet well with love and compassion for one another and all living beings!

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I do not personally agree that Obama and Romney are indistinguishable. Ive spent far too much of my life the last few days writing why, so I will not reiterate it here. Other than the intro this article appears to have a lot of information, links etc so wanted to share despite disagreeing quite strongly with the opener;-)