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RT: Seige of Bani Walid, Day 20: ‘Militia committing genocide’ – RT source

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I was removed from a chat group I really loved because I saw this(and so much like it that has already gone on) coming, and refused to be silent about it. At the time a channeler was claiming that Archangel Michael stated that the military had “turned their hats around” and that the invasion of Libya was a Lighted action.

War is never a good thing, and INVADING is never a lighted action. War brings out the worst in the best of us, even when defense is necessary.
It is not at all shocking that these horrors are happening, indeed they are what War IS!
The time for wars is over, humanity is waking up and demanding peace. Let us all add our voices and raise the cry to the heavens that no leader, no warmonger, no one can fail to hear!

Author: ohnwentsya

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