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Change IS coming. WE can make it GOOD.

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This is an excellent article-it seems most people are not aware of the background of so many things and that knowledge completely changes the perspective on certain things like 9-11, or the wars in the middle east. Nobody fights over religion, really. That’s just a convenient excuse. Every war that’s ever been has been over resources in one way or another. That is why only criminals make war, and everyone becomes a criminal when involved with war.

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Please share this widely! People need to know the truth about who and waht have been running our country and our world from behind the scenes. I don’t think anyone, no matter what party or philosophy they embrace will put up with this rampant corruption and greed based nonsense once the truth is out.

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Samhain is a time for the Spiral Dance, to release the old, and what is no longer serving us in order to be open to the new creative flow of the Universe in our lives. This Samhain astrology appears to emphasize that even more than normal, so we seem to be well supported in releasing the old, clearing the decks and getting ourselves ready for the changes that are coming with 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21-2012.
When actually done physically, the spiral dance seems to me to be very similar to the Beltane maypole dance, despite being more serious and dark, the dance feels like the Earth is a glass of champagne you are dancing above, the bubbles of energy floating thru you, opening you up, freeing your own energy.
Where the maypole dance inspires uncontrollable giggle fits, and this does not(usually;-) it is still an expansive energy of release.
I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed new year, and remember don’t bite the sugar skulls!;-)

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Miami Herald Recommends President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney

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Miami Herald recommends President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney

By Sergio R. Bustos, Miami Herald, April 26, 2012


The Miami Herald on Friday afternoon announced its recommendation in this year’s presidential race: President Barack Obama.

The newspaper, which endorsed Obama in 2008, posted its decision online on Friday afternoon. It will publish the editorial in print on Sunday.

“In the end, Mr. Obama’s policies across the board — the environment, social policy, taxes and immigration — offer a more generous vision for America. The issues he has fought for, coupled with the lingering doubts about Mr. [Mitt] Romney’s persona and his true intentions, make this a clear choice,” the Herald recommended to its readers.

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