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In case we might forget, in all the day to day worries, and terrible stuff in the news that our Earth is a magical place filled with mystery, life and beauty-we can thank bloggers like feygirl for reminding us with posts like this.
It’s easy to get distracted by all the bad news, work to be done etc but making sure to get out into nature and connect with what is REAL is essential.
The storm has passed on northward, the first cool front arrived and it is utterly gorgeous here in FL today. I haven’t seen any of the smaller green anoles similar to this one in years, but the brown Cuban anoles defy the cats to rule the garden;-)

Serenity Spell

Living in South Florida, there’s never a dearth of interesting critters. One never knows what shall be encountered while gardening, even.

While getting some heavy pruning and weeding done before our approaching tropical storm, I was greeted by a bright green face amid one of our tree’s branches. Not a small guy, either — easily a foot-plus in length! At first, I thought he was a green anole…or a chameleon? I dropped everything, and ran with muddy shoes to fetch my camera to stalk him as he traveled through our trees.

Upon further investigation, I now realize he’s a Knight anole, a non-native critter and the largest species of anole — growing up to 13-20 inches in length. Knight anoles are usually bright green, as seen here, but can change to brown colorations. They sport yellow or white stripes under the eyes and over the shoulder, and the…

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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  1. You say it beautifully…. 🙂

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