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Laura – Channeling and News from Now On and Thank you for your Love and Support !!

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I did not get a chance to respond to Laura’s post earlier about this because I had company (and because I was in shock about the Plan to start a civil war in my country) but I am VERY glad she has chosen not to leave completely yet, her presence and energy are uplifting to all who encounter her, even briefly.
I also would like to recommend you all read her explanation of channeling in this message. I agree completely and hope that all will recognize their own inner strength and appreciate others channelings as inspiring pieces of art, and individual expression. We may learn from them, but I agree it is not best to rely on them instead of our own inner compass.
If you have not been to Here and Now, it is very worth exploring. Even tho Laura may not be adding as much that is new from now on, there is a great deal of wisdom, inspiration, joy and beauty to be found in the archives there.

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