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The Most Ancient Mother of All That Is

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I started to write the post below as an intro to my repost of the Oracle Report, but it got way too long;-) I wouldn’t call it ‘channeling’ but this was more written by the higher self than the ego, so perhaps someone else might call it that.

I will call it a truth that I know deeply with my heart rather than only with the mind. I am sharing it in the hope that it helps alleviate some of the manufactured fear at this time.

Many have pointed out this Shift is bringing the Divine feminine immanently in to Earth at this time. The Mother in all her forms and expressions IS LOVE. She loves us and when the Mother is in charge the time for nonsense is coming to an end.

Not HAARP, nor nukes, nor bioweapons, nor any other tool of mass nastiness will prevail anymore. They may cause problems but they cannot win, there is no need to fear them, or their insane tinkertoys.

Birth is difficult, painful and sometimes traumatic for both mother and baby but it is also joyous and beautiful and sacred and magical.

This is both the death throes of the fading cycle of Kali Yuga, and the birth of the new world, the Sat Yuga, the Golden Age.

So it is wild and rough, dangerous, difficult, confusing and sometimes traumatic but it is amazing, wonderful, sacred and beautiful as well.

Just as many people are changed and awed by witnessing the birth of a baby so too will we be who are privileged to be here now.


The Influence of Eris

I am not an astrologer, and I believe here he is referring to a celestial body called Eris but the Illuminati trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson made heavy use of references to the Principia Discordia and the ancient Goddess also known as Eris.

She was known as the Goddess of Chaos and her one tale that remains from the Greek myths is that of the golden apple that started the trojan war.

Kallisti-for the Prettiest One
The Eris we see in that myth is a pale shadow, a cultural “demotion” of a truly ancient and powerful creator Goddess-as cultures tend to do, they made the old gods smaller and lesser and elevated their new gods.
If you read a lot of mythology tho you will see a theme repeated across every continent in creation myths. Nearly all begin with some version of “in the beginning there was darkness and chaos” and out of this arose something/someone who eventually created everything.
Who is the Mother of All that is? Who is the Void to which we  all seek so avidly to return in meditation?
Indeed it is Chaos. She is the most Ancient Mother out of which all has risen and into which all will return.
At this time of Samhain, Dios de las Muertes, when the veil is thinnest and the three days of darkness between the years enfold us, we are in her arms.
We have been taught all of our lives to fear darkness and chaos, to revile them and battle them but that is just a phase.
Do we not struggle to be born from the darkness of the womb into the light and air? Does this make the womb evil and dangerous? Maybe to the medieval christian perspective but not in truth;-)
I have perfect trust that when the time period is under the influence of Eris, it is a time of great creative energy and birth, not a time of fear.

Eris is the most ancient mother of all that is, a wild mother, loving but perhaps perceived as harsh by the civilized. She demands that we stand on our own feet, live up to our potential and have the courage to wrest our dreams and visions from the tumult and build them in strength and beauty despite the roiling seas, wild winds and flashing lightning around us.

When you understand that the mother loves us, that we are all part of her then the wildness can become invigorating, the sharp beauty of wind and sea swept rocks illumined by lightning, the salty taste of blood a passionate joy letting us know we are alive and not dead after all.

No matter what the illuminati may think, She is not now, nor never has been like them, or for them.  The “ceremonial magick” they use is the antithesis of her wildness, it is a false game of structure within structure based on control and suffering. It only works in the most limited of ways, if it works at all.

So when the astrologers say the time is under the influence of Eris, I feel that it is a sign of the birth of the new world, not of any power the illuminati might be clinging to.

Who else would possibly be in charge of the time of such great change after all?

What most do not realize is that Chaos is only a complexity so great that humans cannot mathematically map it, control it, understand it.  What else could the Field out of which everything arises be than more complex than we can ever map or understand?

So, if this time of great change, of chaos, darkness and the unknown inspires fear, release that fear to the Mother of all that is, allow her to enfold you back into the Womb of Time so you can be reborn into the new world as safe and comforted as you were in your own human mother’s womb.

Contrary to the lies patriarchy told about her for the last few thousand years, she is not your enemy, not a monster, or the ally of the patriarchs.

She is the same Void the monks all speak of as the peace that passes understanding.

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One thought on “The Most Ancient Mother of All That Is

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:

    I wrote this a long while ago butbit seems quite relevant to the current discussion begun by Caneron Day’s recent essay about transcending duality. Imho, transcending does not imply losing or discarding something but rather fully integrating all parts so that false divisions and illusions no longer cloud the clarity if your understanding. I hope this essay can be of some use in helping to integrate and accept the chaos and darkness that are our deep mythic roots, our inborn heritage and not the fear and negativity that has been projected onto them. When we can accept all of our natural aspects and love them, understand them, then we can be whole and fully alive.

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