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“The Case For Barack Obama”: A Record Of Accomplishment That Bests Any President Since Roosevelt


I decided to support Barack Obama pretty early in the Democratic primary, around spring of 2007. But unlike so many of his supporters, I never experienced a kind of emotional response to his candidacy. I never felt his election would change everything about American politics or government, that it would lead us out of the darkness. Nothing Obama did or said ever made me well up with tears.

Possibly for that same reason, I have never felt even a bit of the crushing sense of disappointment that at various times has enveloped so many Obama voters. I supported Obama because I judged him to have a keen analytical mind, grasping both the possibilities and the limits of activist government, and possessed of excellent communicative talents. I thought he would nudge government policy in an incrementally better direction. I consider his presidency an overwhelming success.

I can understand why somebody…

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The Way of Love Blog



November 1, 2012





 The very powerful information shared in this show is from Spirit.  Lorna and I take no credit.  A few months ago, Lorna—who lives in South Korea—and I—who live in the USA—did not know each other.  As Lorna listened to an interview of me by Stephen Cook on InLight Radio, she instantly knew that she was being called by Spirit to launch her own blog talk radio show.  She invited me to be her first guest and to discuss Ascension from the point of view of Christians wanting to know more.

 Lorna and I did a four part series and the response was so powerful that Lorna did a Call-In show for her listeners.  It has been as if an avalanche—already  poised to…

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(Another) Anti-Gay GOP Candidate Exposed As Pedophile, Indicted On 113 Charges

At least the illuminati are occasionally good at providing some comic relief from their activities-not that pedophiles are funny minf you, just the fact that they claim to represent “family values’ and KEEP electing freaks, pedophiles, adulterers etc while working to prevent normal, well adjusted, community minded gay folks from getting married or visiting one another in the hospital when they get sick;-/

The Fifth Column

Can we finally admit that the GOP’s claim to ‘Family Values’ is just an empty political talking point? -AI

Addicting Info

It’s almost a cliche at this point: Conservative candidate declares how much he hates “The Gay” as a way to prove just how much of a family man he his. Family values are important, don’tcha know? Vote for me! I hate gays and I believe in protecting our children!

So he can molest them, instead.

Such is the story of  Eric Bodenweiser, front runner for State Senator in Delware. Via Washington Blade:

The indictment includes 113 felony sex charges, including 39 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse — first-degree and 74 counts of unlawful sexual contact — second-degree. Although the indictment doesn’t identify the gender of the victim, the Gape Gazette identified the victim as a boy who allegedly was sexually abused by Bodenweiser between Oct. 1, 1987 and Aug. 31…

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