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Native American tribes denied easy access to polls


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Native Americans Philip Beaumont (L) and John Pretty on Top, of the crow tribe from Montana, gaze out at the museums surrounding the Mall, September 12. (Reuters/Mike Theiler)

A federal judge has shot down a request from Native Americans who asked voting officials to set up satellite polling places in rural reservations during the week leading up to Election Day.

US District Judge Richard Cebull rued on Tuesday that the government is not required to operate and manage temporary voting offices in the sparsely populated parts of Montana inhabited by the Crow, Northern Cheyenne and Fort Belknap tribes, despite complaints from locals that participating in the presidential election warranted costly and burdensome efforts.

Fifteen Native American plaintiffs insisted to the court that they were being discriminated against because they did not have fair and equal access to ballots, needing in some cases to travel…

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Canada: Movement Against Tar Sands on the Rise

Earth First! Newswire

By Roger Annis / Green Left


A popular movement against tar sands oil production and pipeline transport is on the rise and gathering steam in Canada.

Its biggest expression so far came on October 22 when 4000- 5000 people rallied in front of the British Columbia legislature to send a forceful message to the tar sands industry and its political representatives. “No tar sands pipelines across BC! No oil tankers in coastal waters!” read the lead banners.

Two days later, thousands of activists staged rallies at the offices across the province of more than 60 elected members of the Legislature. Both actions were organised by the recently formed Defend Our Coast coalition.

Civil disobedience

The rally in Victoria was overwhelmingly indigenous in appearance, participation and message. Speeches and music lasted for hours.

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