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Drawn from Matthew’s monthly report for November 2, 2012

Matthew’s entire message, channeled by his Mom, Suzy Ward, follows this very important critique of President Obama.

Decisions and actions of the United States government are influential worldwide, therefore that country’s forthcoming election holds global interest.  We have spoken about President Obama’ mission in the context of Earth’s Golden Age master plan, which is in accordance with Gaia’s desire of a peaceful world where all live in harmony with Nature.  Her desire and the plan that embodies it transcend politics in every nation.

Obama, who has experienced many lifetimes in leadership positions, accepted the monumental mission to bring peace to your world, and he came in with the wisdom, vision, dedication, and moral and spiritual integrity to lead the way. Neither he nor his mission has changed. 

However, throughout his term in office, his efforts…

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Four Days Until the Election


If anything, Hurricane Sandy is showing us who really cares. The 99% will help each other get through this sad and horrible disaster. Americas will rebuild and pull it together with the help of the rest of us. We have the strength and resilience Americans have always have had. President Obama cares and is working to make assistance available.

Tuesday is November 6th, please remember to vote and remember to reach out to those who have faced the storm and have survived. We are America. We will do this.


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Shame the haters: Why I back Obama

The blog this comes from is at the link at the bottom of this post. I am having trouble with my internet connection so I apologize for not making this post properly but I wanted to the article to be available. The blog is excellent, and has links to a lot of other very interesting writer’s blogs.
For all the talk about the liberal media, the media is and has long been, controlled by the 1%
(just 4 corporations own about 97% of the media in the US including radio, tv, newspapers and magazines)
So it has been easy for them to create a false narrative about our President by repeating the same lies over and over until people think they are true(ala Orwell’s 1984). So please read and share these articles that set the record straight on the actual facts about what President Obama has done. And don’t forget to vote!;-)
Shame the haters: Why I back Obama
1 Nov 2012 Author: Van Jones
Have you ever worked at a job where somebody was actively trying to sabotage you? Do you remember what that feels like?

Well, that has been President Obama’s experience from Day One. As African Americans, we have a special sensitivity to situations where folks are unfairly set up to fail. We shouldn’t allow such tactics to determine the outcome of a national election.

This is especially true in the president’s case. Obama’s performance has been extraordinary in both foreign and domestic policy, but he has gotten almost zero credit for truly historic achievements.

ON THE ECONOMY: The U.S. economy is growing at a rate of about 2 percent, according to the most recent Commerce Department report. In the abstract, that might seem like not much to cheer about. But what we are comparing that 2 percent rate of growth to?

Let’s look at the rest of the industrialized world. Japan is SHRINKING at a rate of about 2 percent, as is all of industrial Europe. In fact, the USA is the only industrialized power that’s growing — in the entire world. Developing countries like China, which is growing at about 6%, are a century behind us. Much of their growth comes from doing things we did long ago, like building roads, sewers and cities.

A Republican president might be hailed as an economic genius by beating all of our industrial competitors by 4% in terms of GDP, despite the economic pain that the country is going through. Instead, Obama is castigated. Instead of praise and respect, he is continually attacked by his Republican colleagues in government.

ON FOREIGN POLICY: No recent U.S. president could do what President Obama has done: He convinced China and Russia to side with us against Iran. Thanks to his leadership, Iran is fully isolated. It is being strangled by crippling economic sanctions, even by Iran’s friends and key allies. This represents a huge diplomatic and foreign policy success by Obama. But again, he’s gotten zero credit from Republicans and even from the mainstream media.

Let’s look at Libya. On the one hand, George W. Bush bankrupted the federal government and cost America tens of thousands of lives trying to bring about regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan. On the other hand, Obama helped bring about regime change in Libya without a single military casualty. It is the height of hypocrisy for Republicans to continue to politicize the death of a brave American diplomat, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, without acknowledging first the incredible success that the president achieved by avoiding any American loss of life in Libya up until that point.

No president should be expected to achieve even half of what President Obama has been able to achieve with zero support and actively daily obstruction from the rival political party. He has faced an unprecedented level of sabotage by the Republican Party — at a time when the nation is in the middle of two wars, the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression, and faces a range of challenges across the globe. It is unconscionable.

Voters should be abandoning the Republicans in droves and rallying to this president’s side.

I see this as a moral question. Imagine a lifeguard trying to save lives in the wake of a tsunami. Now picture that lifeguard being undermined by people who are hoping more people drown, just so they can get the lifeguard’s job.

This is what we are faced with. Whatever frustrations any of us have had with this president (and I have had plenty), Americans of all colors have a duty to reject the politics of obstruction and give him four more years to complete the mission.

Everyone has had to face down a jealous, destructive “hater” at work. Next week, we have the chance to send a clear message to haters and saboteurs everywhere: this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and it will not be rewarded on the national stage.

Van Jones is president and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream, a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovations to help fix the U.S. economy. A Yale-educated attorney, Van has written two New York Times Best Sellers: The Green Collar Economy, the definitive book on green jobs, and Rebuild the Dream, a roadmap for progressives in 2012 and beyond. Van is currently a CNN Contributor.


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I hope that the mainstream news will report important stories like this in a timely fashion, but until they do please share widely. You don’t have to like President Obama to notice his current opponent engages in criminal behaviour. I just read from a comment on another article that his vote flipping in the primary helped to eliminate the immensely popular Ron Paul from the Republican competition. Had Mr Paul been the Republican nominee I would still have voted for President Obama, but I would not have been so disturbed by the alternative. Even tho I disagree with Ron Paul on certain issues, he is NOT a criminal or a corporate stooge and I would not be terrified of a Ron Paul presidency.

Unfortunately we didn’t get that choice. I know firsthand from living in Florida what it means to have a so called businessman who engages in criminal activity to further his own goals elected to lead. In Florida we almost expect such bizarre disasters-there is a whole sub-genre of fiction about the bizarrity of Florida politics! But then Florida doesn’t have to worry about foreign policy…..

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I’ve been telling nearly everyone I speak to about this book-it is FREE to read online as the author walks his talk;-) It is so good it is worth buying, even tho you can read it free.We are building a new world from scratch pretty much so any reference we can get from ancient cultures that still have a clue that wasn’t stolen by the colonizers, or forward thinkers who gather disparate ideas and collate them for us as Eisenstein has done, is absolutely valuable.
You can’t tear down the master’s house using the master’s tools-but you can find new and old tools that the master has no clue about and you can build a new house on the hillside above the master’s house while the floodwaters sweep it away;-)