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I hope that the mainstream news will report important stories like this in a timely fashion, but until they do please share widely. You don’t have to like President Obama to notice his current opponent engages in criminal behaviour. I just read from a comment on another article that his vote flipping in the primary helped to eliminate the immensely popular Ron Paul from the Republican competition. Had Mr Paul been the Republican nominee I would still have voted for President Obama, but I would not have been so disturbed by the alternative. Even tho I disagree with Ron Paul on certain issues, he is NOT a criminal or a corporate stooge and I would not be terrified of a Ron Paul presidency.

Unfortunately we didn’t get that choice. I know firsthand from living in Florida what it means to have a so called businessman who engages in criminal activity to further his own goals elected to lead. In Florida we almost expect such bizarre disasters-there is a whole sub-genre of fiction about the bizarrity of Florida politics! But then Florida doesn’t have to worry about foreign policy…..

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