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People need to realize the insane amount of money and effort that has been and is being spent to demonize President Obama, because so much of what you hear and read is part of that massive disinfo effort. I hate to say this but honestly short of Dennis Kucinich getting elected and actually implementing his planned Department of Peace can you even IMAGINE this much insanity about a white liberal president?
Racism is insidious and sick, and people like to deny it no matter how obvious it is, but it seems to me President Obama has two problems for the 1%ers/cabals,/illuminati etc the first is that he is EFFECTIVE in spite of all their dirty tricks. The second is his skin.
They manage to deny both-saying he at the same time is not effective and yet is effective as a Muslim Communist manchurian candidate put in power by the Saudis(amazing since the Saudis are good friends with the Bush family!)

The real conspiracy is that “white” is a minority ethnicity globally and the power elites know it and they are so scared that everyone else will treat them the way THEY treat others…..

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  1. Thank you for the reblog! Hopefully readers will see how childish and foolish this was to brand Obama like this. I saw a video of a Romney event from yesterday in Ohio. Voters were interviewed after the event. None of them knew what Romney’s plan is but they’re voting for him. The ignorance and lies coming from them is straight from Fox News and Limbaugh feeding their egos to vote for anyone but the “other.” I’m shocked. I had no idea we had so many citizens in this nation who lack critical thinking skills and operate at the 4th grade level.

  2. You are welcome-thank you for posting so much awesome stuff I can reblog!;-)

    I had noticed the level of brainwash had been spreading culminating in the co-opted version of the tea party but I am really shocked to see so much of it on so many “new age” “spiritual” sites and blogs. I only hope the internet and the Romney rallies are not representative of our country.

    It seems they aren’t tho with so many people (my Mom saw a statistic today that said 83% of Americans were supporting Obama!).

    If we can somehow have a fair election where everyone gets to vote in spite of the endless tricks and shenanigans, it should be a very clear majority at least.

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