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Today’s FYI: One chapter ends and another begins – for President Obama and for America



It sometimes seemed it would never happen, but it has. The 2012 presidential election is over.

The robocalls have stopped. The ads are gone. There are no new polls for pundits to pick apart, no new stump speech sound bites to discuss, no advisers spinning data points.

The people have spoken, and they have invited President Barack Obama to spend another 4 years in the White House.

As those of you who read my blog regularly already know, I was cautiously optimistic about this election. I never, ever take for granted that things will go a certain way in any election, particularly not one as hotly contested and as closely run as this one has been. With all of the possibilities for chaos and confusion, I truly did not know what would end up being the final word yesterday, or even if there WOULD be a final word yesterday.

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Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – The Pentagon And Agencies Choose Obama, The Chinese Military Stick With Hu – 7 November 2012

Lucas 2012 Infos

Barak Obama’s victory in the electronically rigged US presidential election means he will remain the spokesman for the pentagon and the agencies over the next 4 years. These same agencies recently have actively leaked information about Romney’s drug money laundering and other criminal activities in a clear sign of a military industrial complex revolt against the Bush Nazi faction, according to CIA and other sources. The Dragon family also supported Obama because he agreed to go along with their agenda, according to White Dragon Society sources in Indonesia.

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Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Leo/Virgo

Some days dualities are stronger than others; Wednesday and Thursday are two of those days.

Wedneday’s energy brings the need to consciously choose our mindset.  In other words, we will have to work at choosing a day that reflects our natural, true state of being: joyful, playful, and appreciative of the beauty of the planet.  It’s a wise old owl indeed who can express these things in the world today.  The window of time of extremely intense energy has now closed and we don’t have to worry about maintaining strong ground by invoking the rocky cliff.  We don’t have to hold on so tightly or rigidly.  It’s time to lighten up and let in some air.  It’s time to let things fly (meaning some things just need to go!).  Simplicity is the keyword for Wednesday.

Thursday brings the potential for overwhelm…

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I’m not really concerned with whether people are walkins, or “different” in any way or not. We are all made up of much more, and part of many more connections in this web of life than most of us realize. What I loved about this message was the *feeling* I got of the love and connection and beauty that these people shared at this conference and that, it is very evident, they want to share with all of us. I’ve had a lot of friends over the years look down on me or mock me for reading/discussing/sharing things that are considered “new age” or associating with new age groups. (some for the valid reason of being upset about co-optation issues which I respect). But, whether or not I share the whole set of beliefs, what I do consider very valuable to everyone is this focus on love, compassion, connection, helping others etc. We all need more of this, and less cynicism. Everything works better when begun from a heart centered place of love and respect for all.