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Them vs Us. Separation. Illusion. Maya. Reality, beyond this culture, this election, thought, opinion, talking point, is the allowing of, over and over….I am that, you are that, being, from creation, integral, all parts unified, dreaming, infusing self, other, with love, light and the knowing that All is One, One is All. All is Well.

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Mass Action to Stop Keystone XL – Monday, Nov. 19th

Earth First! Newswire

The movement to stop Keystone XL is escalating with another mass action in East Texas on Monday, Nov. 19th. Join us for 2 days of training and action in Nacogdoches, Texas, Nov. 18 & 19th.
This is a family friendly event with roles for everyone! Participation ranges from a safe, public rally to those who wish to risk arrest. Our trainings and events are open to everyone ready to defend our homes from toxic tar sands. RSVP right now so we can know how many people to expect.

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Don’t Talk About My People!!


“It would be a great thing if half the people screaming Obama would stop the dumb shit they be doing… like killing other black men. Treating the black woman with no respect and forgetting about their kids… Obama is a man that don’t shoot people.. he loves his wife b4 all and raises his kids… just saying..” ~Donovan King Cyrus Royall

The above was someone’s status on my Face Book page. I read it the day after the Presidential Election. I was up late waiting to hear the President’s acceptance speech. I was tired and I was reading on my kindle early in the morning. The picture I saw was of a white woman. So I left the following comment.

“Obama is our hero and role model. The wounds of slavery and segregation are deep. Wounds inflicted by greedy white men and woman. It is they whole created the…

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