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Today’s FYI: Obama’s true legacy

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In the immediate aftermath of the election, many pundits began shaping a new political narrative: that these next four years will be the ones in which Barack Obama cements his presidential legacy. Several commentators and columnists have speculated on what we will remember most about Obama when his presidency ends – his election as the first African-American president in our nation’s history, the Affordable Healthcare Act, the Osama Bin Laden raid, or something that is yet to come during his second term. All of these ideas have merit, but I would suggest that Obama’s true legacy may be something else entirely.

Over the past 48 hours, a lot of the post-game chatter has been concerned with the way that minorities shaped this election. It has been pointed out, repeatedly and with great emphasis, that the vote turnout by the Latino and African-American communities was the key to President Obama’s…

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