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Dear Angry White Conservatives Mourning Romney’s Loss: Chill Out

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Thank you for sharing this, what a relief to see some clear thinking in the face of the complete insanity (Civil War Part II) I’ve been reading lately!


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Article…Dear conservatives: The right-wing media machine betrayed you.
 Dear angry white conservatives who are mourning Mitt Romney’s loss…If Fox News is any indication, many of you are dismayed, upset, and befuddled by Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama. Some of these feelings are normal. Politics is tribal. When your team loses, a bit of sadness is expected.

However, some white folks are acting out in some very unhealthy ways. Young white conservatives participated in a near riot at the University of Mississippi, where they hurled rocks at bystanders, used racial slurs, and burned Obama and Biden campaign signs. Other angry white folks used the Internet to  send out racist messages and pictures on Twitter  as an act of protest and anger at the country’s re-election of its first Black president. I believe that these events are malicious outliers.

Many white people who voted…

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Author: ohnwentsya

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One thought on “Dear Angry White Conservatives Mourning Romney’s Loss: Chill Out

  1. Thank you for posting, ohnwentsya. A gross injustice has been done to these angry white voters by Fox News and the right wing media. If they knew the truth, they would be grateful and leave well enough alone.

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