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This goes along nicely with idealisticrebel’s post above;-) This lady also offers a free eseminar to go with her book on microtonal singing. Check out http://yourhealingvoice.com to find out more about that.

Rainbow Singer

An artist once told me that drawing is a matter of training your hand to produce what the eye sees. Her advice was in response to my saying “I can’t draw.” I took her words to heart and began playing with art. There really is no difference with any art form, even singing. They all require dedication, practice, and a playful, adventurous spirit.

The voice can produce only the sounds the ear can hear. In this regard, it is a matter of listening to the tones, vocal fluctuations, and nuances of each healing voice practice: microtonal singing, overtone chanting, toning, and sacred sounds. On that note, if you are new to vocal healing practices, begin with the awareness that using your singing voice for healing is not about vocal talent or performance. It is about singing the present moment with attention to your feelings. Take note of your responses to…

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TransCanada Bulldozes Texas Farmer’s Renewable Biofuels Business

This insanity has to stop-since when does a foreign corporation have domain over an American citizen on their own property? I can’t imagine anyone of any American political stripe that would not be outraged by this.

Earth First! Newswire

Cross Posted from Tar Sands Blockade

Right now TransCanada is bulldozing Nacogdoches local landowner, Michael Bishop’s property for its Keystone XL pipeline. Mr. Bishop has been a vocal opponent of the tar sands pipeline for years and has filed several lawsuits against the multi-national corporation to prevent them from destroying his home and small business. Mr. Bishop is a pioneer of growing renewable biofuels on his property for the fuel of the future. Today the toxic energy sources of the past are literally plowing his business and crops into the ground.

Feeling he had no other legal recourse to stop them, and that the court system wasn’t going to give him due compensation, he decided to settle with the industry in a pre-court hearing on Friday.

We’re here to stand in solidarity with Texas farmers who have been failed by their political and legal institutions and are working toward a sustainable…

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New Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

Can you maintain light while immersed in darkness?  This is what total solar eclipses (like the one yesterday, photographed here by L. Jean-Marc and posted on spaceweather.com) and the month that follows them ask of us.  Yesterday I faced a person who has intended the darkest, most destructive harm to me than any person in my entire life (and I’ve had a couple of these people in my years).  I wasn’t too caught off guard by this because anytime I write about the dark side’s intentions with the energy, the dark side always finds me that day.  But the degree of darkness will take me some time to process.  How did I maintain light while faced with this shocker?  I knew the potential for darkness to be activated – which is the reason I write about the “negative” polarity of the energy.  Knowledge is power and we…

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