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When I was a graduate assistant I read a piece by Edward Said that came to a similar conclusion. I recommend anyone who wants to add to their understanding of this situation without all the rhetoric and random stuff the mainstream news adds(and the important stuff they leave out) look up the scholar Edward Said and read some of his work. Thanks to Jean for sharing the video-I can’t watch them but am sharing for those who can. Another great article I will try to find and post was on Palestine and aparthied, the structural similarities are quite striking.
I think the biggest lie that is finally being laid to rest is that anyone who opposes the mistreatment of the Palestinian people is anti-Semitic(or more accurately anti-Jewish since all Arabs are Semites). I was informed of the problem by an Israeli Peace activist, and more and more Israeli’s are joining peace movements and Occupy Israel and making it very VERY plain that NOT IN THEIR NAME all this killing and oppression. Just like what happens in America, all of this(violence, wall building, settlements etc) causes nothing but trouble and suffering for the Israeli people-not surprisingly they KNOW this.
Please join me in praying for peace, and sending love and healing to all involved. When any in the circle are broken, the circle is not whole-we are all Israeli and Palestinian, we are all One. One Love, One People.

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