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I think this one is a big thing for most people, at least most I have known including me-I am open in so many ways but isn’t there always something special we say “don’t mess with that thing, let that stay the same-Please!”? It all comes back to being able to trust in ourselves, and trust completely in Creator/Universe/ Goddess/God(insert your personal term for the Great Mystery here;-)

Openhearted Rebellion

Jennifer Hoffman: Give Me This But Not That

By Jennifer Hoffman –  November 11, 2012


Detachment is one of our hardest lessons, especially when it involves someone or something we care deeply about. It is easy to detach from things we can easily release, or practice acceptance with someone whose actions do not touch our hearts.

In those cases we say ‘this and not that’, give me the lesson but don’t involve this person, open the doors to a new opportunity but don’t take me out of my comfort zone, let me separate from this situation but don’t let it impact that person. But we have to take a different approach if we are to manifest from a place of wholeness and be open to limitlessness.

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