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Belo Monte construction halts after protestors torch buildings at three construction sites

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When the elites refuse to listen to the people, when they insist on destroying the Earth and other living things for greed, it seems only just and right that they should be stopped-as usual by only harmless property damage tho I am sure the developers and government will claim the protesters are now “terrorists”.

In reality they are heroes and heroines taking the necessary risks so many of us cannot, or will not take, in defense of Mother Earth and the people whose lands are being taken and destroyed, and all the living things being harmed.

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Work on Brazil’s controversial $13 billion Belo Monte mega-dam ground to a halt Monday after protesters torched buildings at three dam construction sites over the weekend, the developer said.

Saturday, “a group of 30 people set fire to prefab structures at the Pimental site. They went into the cafeteria, destroyed everything and robbed the till” before setting it ablaze, said Fernando Santana, spokesman for builders Consorcio Constructor Belo Monte (CCBM).

And late Sunday, groups of 20 people set structures ablaze at Canais and Diques, two other dam construction sites, said Santana.

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