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As you may note from what I have been posting I have been having pretty emotional reactions to all the violence lately(and implied violence ala US Civil War II). I have found personally that if I immediately take a positive action such as pray, meditate, post/share online, sign petitions etc the negative aspect of the feeling is replaced by a still intense but different feeling.
I cried when I saw the wonderful picture Laura posted earlier of the Israeli police shielding the Arab children with their bodies-it was partly the horror of children being in that situation but even more it was an unusual feeling of love, relief, solidarity/unity where I see and recognize the actions in another that come from this same place of Love, compassion and Unity and it draws out my emotions often in uncomfortable ways but not ,I think, in negative ways.
Another important thing to remember is whenever faced with negativity, or strong emotional reactions that seem intractable to our own efforts to redirect, we can always pray for help and receive it immediately.
When I was taught as a child that the elders/ancestors prayed all the time or all day I wondered why and how they could get anything done;-) I’m finally starting to understand what my Mom was telling me-in order to stay in the best frame of mind when faced with all sorts of challenges(which living in a colonized society presents us with constantly!) the only way to do it is to be in a state of constant prayer and inner awareness.
They were not as I was when very young, on my knees in front of a bank of candles in a church, but much more like the Shaolin priests who you see in old kung fu movies silently moving their lips in prayer or even holding the prayers beads in one hand while in the middle of a kung fu fight;-)
At a certain point it seems our entire life becomes a prayer, but then we are all the way awake.

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