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This is beautiful and very useful right now as the energies around us seem to enhance our own feelings of muddleheadedness, and the many distractions and horrors playing out in the Big World are often too much to cope with and stay grounded (for most of us anyway!)

Openhearted Rebellion


Keep your thoughts positive Keep your thoughts on seeing and feeling that you will succeed, and know that every step you take is leading you closer to where it is you wish to go. Ask your angels to guide you to the path that is most beneficial for you right now and that it also be filled with joy and love along the way.

Allow yourself to move with ease as you float down the river of life and know that there will be times when that river is moving fast and then there are other times it will slow and flow gently by. Know that you are in this flow and focus on the good in life to keep the currents of positive energy flowing through your being. If negative thoughts should arise, say stop, and cancel them and choose deliberate phrases to get you back…

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White House march revives Keystone XL protest movement

Just because we got President Obama re-elected, we cannot expect to sit back and have him do what we want. We have to keep the pressure on both him and Congress to prevent the Keystone XL and other toxic projects from going forward. He has intense pressures from the bad guys, so we have to create a balancing force from the good guy side.

Earth First! Newswire

Environmental activiss protest against Keystone XL pipeline heading for the White House

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Environmental activists protest against the Keystone XL pipeline on 18 November 2012. Photograph: 350.org

Hundreds of people who say they worry oil that would be carried theKeystone XL pipeline will accelerate climate change marched around the White House on Sunday, hoping to revive a movement credited with slowing down the permit process for the crude oil project.

The protesters chanted “Hey, Obama! We don’t want no climate drama” and said they hoped the president’s election-night promise to address climate change means he will reject the pipeline, which needs a presidential permit to cross into the United States from Canada.

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The manuscript of survival – part 225


aisha north

As the Earth turns on her axis, the tides come and go, regulated by a mechanism that is as yet not completely understood by humans. You see the movements of the waters on your planet, but you do not see the same thing happening within. Let us explain.

You are inhabiting a very complex structure dear ones, and it is mostly composed of the selfsame liquid component you see around you, namely water. This will come as no surprise, but what may come as a surprise, is the role this water have, not only within you, but also in your surroundings. You tend to look upon it as a necessary liquid, and without it, your Earth would be a scorched and desolate place, devoid of life. Well, that is the role of water indeed, as all life on you planet is relying on this in some form or the other…

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I’ve been unable to access wordpress or post all day-now I see this oracle report and it makes much more sense;-)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

We have two more days of the Sun in Scorpio – today and tomorrow.  Venus is going to enter Scorpio, but the energy will not be as heavy as it has been with the Sun in Scorpio.  So we need to hang in there for a couple more days.  Today’s energy takes this month’s’ vision quest to a waterfall.  It’s a cascade of emotions, but it is also a deluge from spirit.  The thing to do with this is not try to cross things today.  In other words, stay in place and just watch (surrender).  When we stop or disengage from obstacles today, it will shift our perspective.  We will start to see the beauty of what surrounds us (the landscape around the waterfall, i.e. our blessings) instead of trying to trudge ahead.  Stopping in our tracks and maintaining an inner stance of stillness will enhance the journey of…

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