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As usual, I love Wes beautiful way of imagining and describing. While visualizing this, I had an unusual effect-for me I saw light rising from under the ground as well as coming downward, and a rainbow flash when they met in the middle that sort of rained rainbow fragments onto all the beings that stuck and stayed on them, radiating more light that seemed to be chasing little streamers of darkness out of the people and the land. The elemental beings of Earth have long been doing the work many lightworkers are doing now, and they are joyfully joining with us and all who are sending Love and Light from elsewhere. I think it must have been tiring for them doing so much for so many years while most of humanity was asleep and worse. As we have injured the land and the seas so have we caused harm to those who illuminate and animate them, but when we join with them to co-create healing it happens so much faster than I would have imagined possible. Despite “team dark”‘s continued attempts to drag all our energy down on Earth, this is such a beautiful time to be alive! We have so much to look forward to, even tho much work is yet to be done it will be joyful and loving work, like the pixies that dance to keep the world spinning;-)

Openhearted Rebellion

I would like you to imagine and feel a landscape that has been brutalized with the energies of war and oppression for far too long. This is not meant to lower your vibrations, dear friends, but to rekindle awareness that such things are still going on in parts of the world that have been deeply-rooted in conflict. These lands were all once heavenly, mystical and serene but the actions of man have brought war to the forefront of the collective consciousness, as it was intended to be by the malevolent forces.

I do not wish to paint a bleak or desolate visualization but simply bring forth awareness that this is happening; again, not to bring our vibrations down but to get us to actively utilize our natural powers to anchor peace and Light onto this world. Many of us have come here for this very reason and there are areas…

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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