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This is a good message, but even those who do not believe in Galactic help coming etc can contemplate that the ability to heal our world really is possible using things we already have-even without suppressed technology. All we need is for the destruction to stop, and then we can begin implementing many wonderful tools like the mycelium that eats the oil and then produces healthy mushrooms for food, or the application of nature’s own ways of healing with help form humans to speed them up. And for those who are open to things many consider silly or mythical, the elemental beings have long been healing the Earth and with us working WITH them instead of against them they can indeed create miracles. Look up Findhorn for great stories about the elemental beings healing and help, also Perelandra. Or if you have access just about any indigenous society has myths and stories of the same things, often including the instructions for how we can work with them. As far as “modern” people, Marko Pogacnik has been doing some of this work already especially in Europe and he has published multiple books about it.
So, imho, as wise as Matthew is, and as many useful things as he often shares, I think like anyone, he can only share what he is aware of and if he works with Galactic teams who do that sort of work he will surely think of that first, but it is not the only help, tool or solution we have.
We definitely do NOT have to patiently WAIT for anyone. Some of us have been actively doing the work for decades, those just waking up can jump in any time wherever they are-your intuition will lead you to your best tasks if you listen carefully. Never think your contribution is too small, anything can be the ripple of the butterfly’s wing that triggers the hurricane (ala the old chaos math cliche;-)
Plant a wildlife garden, pick up litter, sign a petition, pray, visualize, gather friends for larger projects like healing a local waterway-it’s all up to your own ideas and abilities, everything you can think of is probably needed;-)

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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