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I really like this. I want to add too-that when things are rough it is important to pray in whatever way is natural to you, whether that is going to church/mosque,synagogue, or temple, or spending time in nature, or just sitting quietly for a few moments to remind yourself of the stillness and center that can so easily be lost in the hectic pace of life around the holidays. If you feel sad or lost, or overwhelmed, praying for help is often more effective than most people realize. If the stories about God that you were raised with don’t work for you, don’t worry-there are as many different ways to approach it as there are people-and whatever way feels natural and right to you IS fine to go with. Your intuition will lead you to that which will help you, and allow you to help others.


It was many years ago, but I remember it clearly today. I was going through a divorce and my then husband had the children while I relocated and started a new life in another city. The plan was to come back for the girls once I got a job and had a place to live for them.

I was not looking forward to that Thanksgiving Day and the entire holiday season. I was depressed and uncertain as to which way to go and what to do, being all alone. The day before Thanksgiving I found myself crying and alone in my mother’s apartment. I couldn’t talk to her or anyone else. “I’m an adult,” I thought to myself, “and I will act like one.” Yeah. Right…as the tears flowed.

That afternoon, I picked up a newspaper to look for a job and saw an ad looking for volunteers to help…

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