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It is so beautiful to see the forces of the colonizers (which equally stands for oppression, cruelty, money-over-people, and all the other negative 3d hate games) that have for so long destroyed lives and even whole cultures, especially of the indigenous, with impunity, finally reined in.
To those still asleep who believe in resistance with weapons to oppression imposed with weapons, it appears a victory of “war” but in reality this is a victory of Love over hate, of freedom over oppression, power-over and control. It is a victory of the people of the world starting to come together in unity, in the belief that it is not about a winner and a loser but about less suffering, less killing, less horror, for ALL.
Each side may tout its wins, its losses, its goals etc but what just happened was that a war was averted and the people of Earth chose peace, chose the love of all the people and the safety of all the people over the use of force to prove a point no matter how valid either sides point may or may not be.
The people of Gaza deserve to live in freedom with the ability to come and go, to have jobs, to grow food and create exports(such as the olives that have been being systematically destroyed), they deserve to be able to get thru a day without aparthied and checkpoints, and without fear of murder, or bombing. The people of Israel deserve to be able to live in peace without threat of violence as well.
I am praying that this cease fire will soon become a real peace, a treaty based in mutual benefit and someday in mutual respect, love and understanding. There is nothing to stop such a future except false beliefs about separation, and the acts based upon them. All the people there are obviously capable of love and respect and understanding, it is only the gap between them kept open by violence, that prevents these natural emotions from arising between all the people there towards one another.

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Much thanks and Blessings to Laura for taking time out to channel SaLuSa for us. I always appreciate the way SaLuSa brings things back to the inner work we need to be doing, to the ideals of fairness and balance and perspective. For myself I never had much interest in channeled material at all until the first time I read SaLuSa. When I read the words channeled from him years ago, my first thought and feeling was that this person sounds and *feels* like someone I would know on that other level of life. He has a level of understanding and even humour that I don’t believe someone who is not at that level could reproduce or create by pretending. He speaks like a diplomat, allowing people who read his words to “miss” the things he is conveying that they would disagree with, while hearing the things they like, tho the other things slip in to consciousness as well, to perhaps bear fruit in later growth and understanding;-)

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Obama pushed Israel to accept Egyptian cease-fire agreement friendly to Hamas

Obama pushed Israel to accept Egyptian cease-fire agreement friendly to Hamas

Much thanks to Laura for sharing this info! I must add for my own readers a warning that the source for that article was astonishingly negative, and the comments even more so. The original site appears to be a rather racist and overall biased, negative and lowered vibration sort of site, but it is good that they pointed out the skill with which President Obama appears to be maneuvering us toward the global peace and justice that channeled sources have said he is to help bring about.

I have been overjoyed to see President Obama actually doing something in support of the indigenous people, something almost unheard of for American Presidents(except Jimmy Carter who regularly writes very informed articles about this issue).

I thought it was a sign of the leadership abilities so often attributed to him by the channeled sources that say he is a lightworker. . He seems able to genuinely support win-win solutions and have real care for the suffering of ALL the people involved rather than picking a favored side and pushing their agenda.

The article above does not seem very aware of international diplomacy or how things like peace treaties brokered by other states work-when they claim there are no curbs on missiles from Gaza. As Egypt is the guarantor of Hamas good behaviour it is far more assured than at any time in the past, since Morsi’s government is so new and he needs to establish good ties with the US, and Israel to maintain stability he will be far harder for any radicals in Hamas to get around that any leader of Fatah has been.

It is to the benefit of everyone in the region that conditions in Israel and Palestine improve, and the only way that can happen is by ongoing dialogue and improvement in the actions of the leaders involved. Logically the *leaders* of Hamas are NOT the most radical among them, and they are surely more concerned for the well being of the people in Gaza than any pie in the sky idea of pushing Israel out of existence-or they would not be leaders of the people who have to live there along with their extended families, friends etc.
Contrary to racist sites like this source and other blinded by duality and lower 3d consciousness people, Arabs, Muslims and even the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are NOT crazed monolithic entities of hate. They are, just like the rest of us a collective of individuals with their own life experiences, spiritual practices, love for the families and friends and hopes for the future. The comic book villains that propaganda make Muslim groups like the Brotherhood and Hamas out to be are ONLY real in comic books. They are racist, and ridiculous parodies of human beings. Since the time of the Crusades, it has been readily apparent in encounter after encounter that the Muslim fighters have a sense of honour and morality in most cases far more developed than those of the Western invaders who for instance use white phosphorous on children and spread DU over entire countries causing endless birth defects and childhood leukemia among other so called “collateral damage”.
So please take the tone of this article with as Robert Anton Wilson used to say “a small Siberian salt mine”, but the info contained with the sense of hope and celebration it seems to imply;-)
I hope this beautiful achievement is a sign of things to come, as we shift globally from the duality of win-lose to the unity of win-win in every situation that has previously appeared intractable.