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This is an important point to think of when reading on the internet(or anywhere really). Just because someone posts it or publishes it does NOT mean it is true. The same goes for videos, television, movies etc. as anyone educated who has watched FOX news for a minute could easily tell you;-)

I am glad this person has pointed it out, and apologized for thinking ill of our President over an untruth. I think our country would be a lot nicer place if people could and would more often simply admit it when they make an error, apologize and have others accept that and everyone goes on being decent to one another instead of this atmosphere of rabid “anti” from all sides.
I read a couple of columns in my local newspaper recently that gave me hope for the future of this issue. Both were about the Republican party but one was pointing out an elder statesman who had passed away and how valuable his perspective and behaviour could be to the party now if more people would adopt it. The other was a description of young Republican bloggers and the ideas they are sharing, which were, refreshingly, nothing like the hateful lies, inanity and religion based oppression that have come to be seen as the basis for being Republican in the current era.
I recall when the difference between the parties was for the most part a division along the lines of philosophy, not rabid violent hate filled difference, just a bit more or less of certain things depending on which group you agreed with. The big issues like racism, drugs, abortion, religion etc were not party based when I was young-people in both parties had varying views on these things but no-one could define your view on any of them by your party affiliation. Yes, Virginia, Democrats were not ALWAYS considered “Godless Communists Lite” by half the country!;-)
Would be nice to get back to a public discourse like that, where we could discuss issues and solutions without fearing being spit on, beat up or screamed at.

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I had not realized until reading this post that anyone objected to what seems to me to be the coolest feature of wordpress;-) It makes it more like a newsy version of livejournal, to which I was once quite addicted. It has helped me meet new people who will hopefully become friends over time, see far more interesting stuff than I would have otherwise-and it allows me to share things I find interesting or useful without a whole lot of copying, pasting etc.
Which is why it had not occurred to me that anyone would complain-people were reblogging before it was a feature, and for blogs not on wordpress the same process is still used. You simply copy the parts of the post you wish to post on your blog, and the link to the original and post it-tho it requires some tinkering to get it posted with the link working and all that, which the reblogging feature eliminates.
So, much thanks to The Obamacrat for this post-now I won’t be utterly astonished if someone is not pleased when I reblog their post sometime;-)

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…to the balance point and beyond. – channeled by Ron Head


Oracles and Healers

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Once again we send our heartiest congratulations for a job well done.  Your many group meditations at the opening of the eleven-twenty-two, while passing through the window or gate, whichever term you prefer, have been amazingly successful.  The influx of further energies has taken another great jump.

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Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/laura-bruno-ascension-flu-change-almost-here

[Note from Laura Bruno: Just want to clarify that I only wrote the first paragraph of this post. I know it’s similar in style and content to other posts I’ve shared in the past, but I want to give credit where credit is due, which is to Removing the Shackles, the original link in the post. Thanks and blessings, Laura]

I am sooooo feeling this right now, and I know many, many clients, friends and family members are, too. I’ve posted before about Ascension Symptoms and Solar Flares, and we have had some doozies lately. People almost can’t keep pace with all the upgrades. I just stumbled upon a very thorough article from Removing the Shackles and thought I’d share, since things have increased in intensity even this past week. Hang in there! We’re on the ride of our lifetimes …

The Ascension Flu: The change…

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Call for solidarity actions on Tuesday November 27th

I have friends involved in these issues and actions, so if you can share this far and wide I would appreciate it! Some of the most pressing issues facing Native nations globally are these same issues of imposed environmental destruction that both causes a host of problems of its own such as pollution and illness but also significantly highlights the ongoing violation of these nations inherent sovereignty. No matter what legal fictions nations like Canada and the US come up with (like the US “domestic dependent nations” nonsense) the fact is Native nations ARE sovereign for the same reasons all nations are sovereign and NO ONE can grant that or take it away, at least not legally.

These environmental issues also affect non-Native people and the entire Earth in the case of global warming increased by the emission of the carbon from some of these projects, so these are really issues for everyone but at the moment all over the world Native peoples are facing them so directly and with such dire consequences (including mass murder in some cases, mass illness such as the cancers at four corners, and loss of homes and ancestral lands to submersion from dam projects like James Bay and Belo Monte) If you care about the Earth, Native people, or balance overall, these are very valid areas to focus your energy, time, actions and prayers as resolving these problems will produce wide ripples of good and blessings throughout our world.


Raising Resistance: Solidarity with the Unist’ot’en.
Call for actions on Tuesday November 27th

Traduction Francaise ici: http://montreal.mediacoop.ca/newsrelease/14663

UPDATES(keep checking back)
Or on Facebook here

* To promote and follow the actions on social media use #nopipelines
* Click here to download info leaflet that can be handed out, version francaise
* Press release link here
* After the action, email your photos and videos to hwalia8@gmail.com and post them to: https://www.facebook.com/unistoten

List of actions on Tues Nov 27th:

Trinidad: Canadian High Commission at 10:30 am. 3-3A Sweet Briar Rd., St. Clair, Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Organized by Rights Action Group and Trini Eco Warriors.

Chico, California: Noon at Kinder Morgan Chico Terminal, 2570 Hegan Lane.

Edmonton: Noon at Royal Bank, 10843 82 Avenue Northwest. FB event here.

Hamilton: Noon at Royal Bank, Jackson Square. FB event here.

Kamloops: Noon in front…

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Is The U.S. Promoting Cold Fusion?

Is The U.S. Promoting Cold Fusion?

Posted by administrator on November 18, 2012 in Cold Fusion · 3 Comments

The newly reelected president of the United States, Barack Obama, signed yet another executive order in August of this year. Unlike other attempts he has made to circumvent the democratic processes of the U.S., this one may actually help the country. This executive order binds the government to a commitment to producing and implementing CHP, or Combined Heat and Power. There are a number of engines on the market today that convert heat to electricity, and this falls right into line with the functions of Andrea Rossi’s work with the E-Cat and Hot Cat.

In his order, Obama orders industrial facilities to develop a way to generate their own power, including heat and electricity. This is a sweeping decree, considering that without an E-Cat, such an accomplishment will be nearly impossible. He states his goal as 40 gigawatts of energy created by industries, so that they can support themselves. This is a small fraction of the nearly 1,200 gigawatts produced nationwide, but still represents a huge step forward in alternative energies. One gigawatt is equivalent to 1 billion watts.

Obama has typically been more interested in green energies, such as the failed Solyndra. He also, however, withdrew funding from NASA which had done quite a bit of work in LENR, and produced research that supported its existence. However, he has apparently been listening to someone, whether it’s NASA, the Energy Department of the U.S., or the Defense Intelligence Agency. All of these have put out reports that LENR does, indeed exist. Possibly he has also been informed of the successes of Andrea Rossi, with his Hot Cat and the industrial E-Cat now being marketed. It is rumored that the U.S. Navy was actually the customer of the first sale of an industrial unit. Other advances in LENR recently have included Francesco Celani and Brillouin.

While an executive order can be challenged and repealed in congress, it is unlikely that they would eliminate this order in its entirety. The biggest problem with it is that industry in the U.S. has already taken many losses over the last 4 years, and becoming self-sufficient in energy production could be far too expensive, unless they accept LENR. While a large part of the populace sees this order as another volley in Obama’s war on coal, those same people realize that the U.S. needs to move into alternative sources of energy in order to maintain or regain its independence from foreign oil and economic influences.

The long and the short of it is that Obama’s order can be good for LENR, and therefore, for Andrea Rossi. It provides even more motivation to American industry to seek independence from the power grid, possibly through investing in the Hot Cat.