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I had not realized until reading this post that anyone objected to what seems to me to be the coolest feature of wordpress;-) It makes it more like a newsy version of livejournal, to which I was once quite addicted. It has helped me meet new people who will hopefully become friends over time, see far more interesting stuff than I would have otherwise-and it allows me to share things I find interesting or useful without a whole lot of copying, pasting etc.
Which is why it had not occurred to me that anyone would complain-people were reblogging before it was a feature, and for blogs not on wordpress the same process is still used. You simply copy the parts of the post you wish to post on your blog, and the link to the original and post it-tho it requires some tinkering to get it posted with the link working and all that, which the reblogging feature eliminates.
So, much thanks to The Obamacrat for this post-now I won’t be utterly astonished if someone is not pleased when I reblog their post sometime;-)

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