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This is an important point to think of when reading on the internet(or anywhere really). Just because someone posts it or publishes it does NOT mean it is true. The same goes for videos, television, movies etc. as anyone educated who has watched FOX news for a minute could easily tell you;-)

I am glad this person has pointed it out, and apologized for thinking ill of our President over an untruth. I think our country would be a lot nicer place if people could and would more often simply admit it when they make an error, apologize and have others accept that and everyone goes on being decent to one another instead of this atmosphere of rabid “anti” from all sides.
I read a couple of columns in my local newspaper recently that gave me hope for the future of this issue. Both were about the Republican party but one was pointing out an elder statesman who had passed away and how valuable his perspective and behaviour could be to the party now if more people would adopt it. The other was a description of young Republican bloggers and the ideas they are sharing, which were, refreshingly, nothing like the hateful lies, inanity and religion based oppression that have come to be seen as the basis for being Republican in the current era.
I recall when the difference between the parties was for the most part a division along the lines of philosophy, not rabid violent hate filled difference, just a bit more or less of certain things depending on which group you agreed with. The big issues like racism, drugs, abortion, religion etc were not party based when I was young-people in both parties had varying views on these things but no-one could define your view on any of them by your party affiliation. Yes, Virginia, Democrats were not ALWAYS considered “Godless Communists Lite” by half the country!;-)
Would be nice to get back to a public discourse like that, where we could discuss issues and solutions without fearing being spit on, beat up or screamed at.

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