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J G Vibes ~ 150 TriHealth Employees Fired For Refusing To Take Mandatory Flu Shot

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This idea of forcing people to take things that contain toxic materials (the preservative thioresal is apparently mercury based) is really disturbing. A vaccine for polio, or anthrax, smallpox, or even yrsinia pestis(bubonic plague) make some sense but vaccinating for every possible infection seems like overkill. I know that the swine flu pandemic of 1917 was more deadly than any other pandemic, but the flu in general is like the common cold in that we naturally develop a certain level of immunity due to its constant presence. It makes more sense to me to improve the diet and overall health of a population in order to avoid pandemics, rather than give everyone a shot to which some may react badly even without preserving the things with mercury;-/

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Via Shift Frequency

theintelhub.com | November 25 2012

In recent years there has been an undocumented resistance growing within the medical community towards vaccinations, especially forced vaccinations.

The people who created some of the first vaccines like the small pox antidote for example, actually refuse to take most modern vaccinations due to the harmful toxins that they now contain.

Many hospital employees and public health workers are now being forced to take vaccinations.  This measure of force was probably taken to save face for the industry, because so many health workers have actually been refusing shots.

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