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Openhearted Rebellion


I’m not familiar with Australian mystic Christine Day, but her information here is interesting. I cannot vouch for its accuracy however. I don’t have the personal knowledge. So please use discernment. Thanks to Ellie.

12-12-2012 … A Message from Pleiadian Ambassador Christine……

Christine Day, Nov. 26, 2012


Hi Everyone,It has been an intense month and I feel that we are all being prepared energetically to receive the 12/12/12 energies this month.

The Pleiadians have given me some very specific information to assist each one of you in being able to consciously receive the powerful Illumination Waves coming at that time.

My message is longer than usual and it feels very important to share with each one of you. I’ve also included some questions that have come from circles which I feel are relevant.

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Ohio Resisdents Blockade Radioactive Fracking Waste Well

My prayers, love and gratitude are constantly sent to those who choose to place themselves between all of us and the destruction and nastiness the elites have planned and carried out for so long. Too many do not appreciate, and even denigrate those who engage in protest and direct action but without them we would be so much worse off now globally. If the majority of people would stand up and join these brave souls even a few times the nightmare creators could not continue any longer with their nefarious plans. Someday soon I see the Arab Spring mood spreading to every corner of our planet and when the people speak up and say NO! to the 1% and their plans for depopulation, enslavement, environmental destruction it will be a whole new world.

Earth First! Newswire

Protesters block entrance to Ginsburg Well, a fracking disposal waste site, in Athens County, Ohio

On November 19th, a group of Athens County residents wearing hazmat style suits, respirators, and carrying large placards emblazoned with skulls, blockaded the front gate of the Ginsburg Well, Class II injection well and a fracking waste disposal site, on Ladd Ridge Road in Athens County, Ohio. Protesters blocked the entrance to the well’s delivery pad. No trucks arrived to dump frack-waste while the protesters made their stand, successfully interrupting the day’s business.

Protesters demanded that the Ginsburg Well be shut down, citing numerous violations and shut down orders that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has issued and then refused to enforce. The injection well is known to accept millions of gallons of radioactive fracking waste from out of state. The protesters noted that this week, the ODNR has issued 4 new well…

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Activists interfere with international mining conference in Finland

I am so grateful for the new forms of energy being brought into production like the e-cat because if we don’t stop mining soon so many more will die before the cleanup can progress far enough. Not sure why some humans think that utterly poisoning and destroying whole area of the world and so many living beings is worth whatever they get from doing it-no matter what that is-but it has to stop soon. If we can’t do something 100% clean and without causing harm to the Earth, other living beings and ourselves by doing it, it simply is not worth doing. All that grey matter has to be useful for something more than making a huge mess!

Earth First! Newswire

“There is no such thing as socially and environmentally sustainable mining!”

Today in Espoo, Finland, a meeting of bureaucrats and industrialists  entitled Conference on Socially and Environmentally Responsible Mining was disrupted by the group Hyökyaalto (“Tidal wave). The following statement was released today:

With the Northern mining boom the mining industry, famous for it’s chemical emissions, is threatening waters and ecosystems in various locations, where clean nature offers the most possibilities for local people. It is grotesque that the people involved gather to discuss the mining industry as a sustainable activity while every emergency dam in the Talvivaara mine is leaking poisonous waste into Vuoksi waters.

The action is a protest against the industry and the state’s attempt to legitimize mining by discussing its “sustainability”.

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I hope everyone will join me in praying for not only peace, but also for real freedom and justice for everyone in the region. To me this means no more aparthied for Palestinians but also, that the Israeli fears of the Arab nations around them will prove unfounded, that as the Arab Spring changes progress and the people of those nations make their voices heard, those voices that quite logically call for justice, freedom and fairness for the Palestinian people are not going to be calling for the destruction of the Israeli people. I feel that when the people can finally relax and realize that no one is going to “push anyone into the sea” that the crazy restrictions, walls, checkpoints, periodic wars etc will fade naturally away just as do our accelerated heart rate and breathing slow back to normal after a panic ends. All the suffering is caused by fear, if we can remove the fear, by prayer, by Love, by reiki, by logic and action-however it is done, we have to remove the fear for our world to heal.

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Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Beloved friends, we have always told you that Earth was a training ground for souls. Now more than ever you come to understand what we mean by that. Keep in mind that all that is being uncovered is for the highest good. All is coming into the obvious sight in these last days before the sacred heart connect with the divine for Mother Earth.


What this mean is that the days ahead will offer even more opportunities for the light to shine on Mother Earth from now on with the new portal opening at these very moments.

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It is too bad that ALL of the major mainstream media outlets are controlled by just 4 corporations, all of course, owned by the elites who benefit from the voters/taxpayers NOT knowing the facts so perfectly ordinary facts such as mentioned here about Social Security not being in trouble are routinely avoided. IF everyone knew the actual facts, the solutions and compromises required would be mostly simple and obvious-it is only the persistent and purposeful obfuscation and outright lies that prevent us putting our country in order quite quickly. Much thanks to mykeystrokes for posting this!!


Republicans are using the fiscal cliff to extract payback for all the “gifts” President Obama has given to Americans.

Before Americans have even finished digesting their Thanksgiving turkey, the holiday shopping season will have officially begun. But according to Mitt Romney, Christmas came early for those who voted for Barack Obama. The failed Republican presidential nominee and latter-day Scrooge told donors last week that President Obama had won re-election by “giving targeted groups a big gift.” And what generous stocking-stuffers they were! For the young and the poor, health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. For Hispanics, an executive order halting deportation of the children of undocumented immigrants. For women, free contraception for use in all their filthy lady activities. If Malia and Sasha don’t find a pair of baby unicorns under the White House Christmas tree this year, they have a right to feel jealous.

Romney’s comments met with

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I LOVE this post! Please share it, post it, email and DO IT!!!;-) War is just about the most useless, pointless and utterly awful thing human beings have ever invented and it’s long due to be retired, discarded and put to rest forever.


May it be your will Eternal One our God and God of our ancestors that war and bloodshed will cease.
That a treat, wonderful peace will envelope the whole world,
And nation will not lift up sword against nation, and neither shall they learn war any more.
Only will all the inhabitants of the earth become acquainted with and know this tuth:
We do not come into this world for fighting or quarrels, and not for hatred, zealotry, destruction or spilling of blood.
Rather, we have only come into the world to know you God and to praise you forever.


So, please have mercy upon us, and fulfill the promise written Scriptures:


I will grant peace to the land. You shall lie down and none shall be afraid.


I will rid the land of vicious beasts and the sword shall not cross your lands.


Justice will swell…

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I’ve had some horrendous experiences trying to explain white privilege, so this is interesting to me on another level. I think it will be interesting to see how people who are used to ethnicity being invisible and unquestioned develop their awareness. Most people do not realize that “white” is not a race, it is not an ethnicity-it is a privilege class that has at certain times been openly denied to people with REALLY pale white skin (the Irish are the perfect example but the immigrants from eastern Europe in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were also not “white” tho their skin was quite light in many cases) Race is a false concept, a set of categories created only to create division among people thus providing leverage to certain groups who wished to gain and maintain POWER over others. I read somewhere that we share 93% of our genetic material with a BANANA so how different can we really be from another human being? I think it will be beautiful when the whole concept of whiteness dies its long overdue death and people return to being Gaels, Picts, Uighurs, Bretons, Yoruba, Tamil, Chechen, Tupa, Cherokee, Hmong, Catalan, Berbers, Silesians and the several thousand other ethnicities that make up our wonderfully diverse planet. To me whiteness is a false division, a line just to have a line. Culture and ethnicity are no more divisive than liking different music, or clothing, or whether you have curly hair or not. These things make life more interesting-we can share one anothers differences happily where dividing lines made just to divide are always ugly and hurtful (see the whole debate on “illegal” immigration for another riff on this same dismal tune!)
I know people who vehemently disagree with me and who are “proud to be white” but to me that is like being proud to be Generic-since that is all words like white or black, red or yellow really are-generic terms for whole ranges of ethnicities and cultures that are HUGELY different within each “colour” often more different than two people of different “colours” but similar cultures are. Think about the Ainu who have more in common with the Inuit than any other “white” group. Or how the Maasai and the Navajo who are both herding cultures have more in common with one another than with other “black” or “red” peoples who are say fisherfolk whose lives are based around the sea. Colonization has long attempted to erase culture and replace it with division based on wealth, position and skin “colour” or “race”. Colonization attempts to make everyone wear levis, shop at walmart, eat at mcdonalds and drink Coke while watching “reality tv”, or you can wear donna karan, shop at Macy’s, eat at Wendy’s, and drink Pepsi-in effect your ethnicity, or culture becomes nothing but corporate branding. If you can look beyond the narrow focus of “white” people vs the rest of us and see the big picture of how that came to be, you quickly see the tricks, the reasons for it all and who benefits and how we all lose from it.




“You’re White, You’re Old, You’re History!” That was one Newsweek writer’s message to the GOP November 10. It’s been a media mantra for weeks.  However, anti-racist activist and author Tim Wise says white power is far from over yet – just follow the wealth.

Great insight from the great man himself.


[Speaking of whites] “You’re no longer the prototype, you’re no longer the model for what America looks like is threatening. If you never had to think about your race, identity or experience, you took that for granted. Now they have to think about it. It was once invisible to you and now has become opaque…now people see you. This is where white folks are right now. They’re being named and seeing themselves for the first time at the center of this. People of color have always seen themselves, but whites have always been invisible.

“There are two paths…

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