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Ohio Resisdents Blockade Radioactive Fracking Waste Well

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My prayers, love and gratitude are constantly sent to those who choose to place themselves between all of us and the destruction and nastiness the elites have planned and carried out for so long. Too many do not appreciate, and even denigrate those who engage in protest and direct action but without them we would be so much worse off now globally. If the majority of people would stand up and join these brave souls even a few times the nightmare creators could not continue any longer with their nefarious plans. Someday soon I see the Arab Spring mood spreading to every corner of our planet and when the people speak up and say NO! to the 1% and their plans for depopulation, enslavement, environmental destruction it will be a whole new world.

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Protesters block entrance to Ginsburg Well, a fracking disposal waste site, in Athens County, Ohio

On November 19th, a group of Athens County residents wearing hazmat style suits, respirators, and carrying large placards emblazoned with skulls, blockaded the front gate of the Ginsburg Well, Class II injection well and a fracking waste disposal site, on Ladd Ridge Road in Athens County, Ohio. Protesters blocked the entrance to the well’s delivery pad. No trucks arrived to dump frack-waste while the protesters made their stand, successfully interrupting the day’s business.

Protesters demanded that the Ginsburg Well be shut down, citing numerous violations and shut down orders that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has issued and then refused to enforce. The injection well is known to accept millions of gallons of radioactive fracking waste from out of state. The protesters noted that this week, the ODNR has issued 4 new well…

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