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Oracle Report – Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Posted on November 28, 2012 by Laura

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Full Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

(Note: I’ve learned that when I “lose” the daily report while trying to publish it to the web, it’s a particularly effective one, one that those who stand opposed to what I am doing attempt to block. I had a beautiful report written about how to handle the energy of the Full Moon. I reveal this because I think it is enlightening. The second go-round, the report here, is not beautifully written. Overall, this f’ing pisses me off and believe me, things are going to f’ing piss you off this Full Moon, too! But we are going to find grace, even though we may curse at first. Herein lies the lesson.)

Today’s Full Moon conjunct the Black Moon and Jupiter has a way of taking us down – far down – and this report is deep. But if you have read my book on the Black Moon, you know that the Black Moon is generally misunderstood as a “bad” thing. It’s much more complex than that. The Black Moon encapsulates the fall AND rise of the mythical phoenix. It descends in fire and rises from its ashes. Today is the descent. The heaviness and “darkness” of the energy will be strongest today, but it will linger to some degree throughout the Full Moon phase. There is only one way to handle this energy: surrender to it and work WITH it. At this stage of our month-long journey (vision quest) we find ourselves at midnight, waiting for the Full Moon to enlighten the night and help us see our way. The Black Moon and Jupiter, as gatekeepers on the journey, halt us. They tell us there is more to gather before we move on. This is not comfortable and it is going to test the skills of spiritual warriors/wise owls. Instead of stepping back, going inside our tree and observing, this energy forces us to perch high on a bare branch and blanket ourselves in the night. I specifically choose the term “blanket” because it is human nature to feel less safe in the dark. It’s a hold-over from our early development. But we are no longer in the early stages of development, and we must now begin to integrate the complexity of the concept of darkness. The first thing to understand is that everything is birthed from darkness – the cosmic well of creation. The second thing to understand is there is immense, untapped power there. It’s untapped because we are afraid to go there. The third thing to understand is that darkness – nightime – is the time of dreaming. We are recreating our dream – the dream of our lives that is in alignment with the dreaming of Sophia. This Full Moon phase needs to be seen for what it is: a beautiful opportunity. We will do this by changing our minds from the floundering fall of the phoenix to a purposeful, graceful dive with full knowledge that we will rise to new heights. The only way to handle the energy of the Black Moon is to surrender to it. If you fight it, it will only turn that back on you. Emotions will be heavy and strong. People have been acting from their most primitive, ugliest sides. Mars conjunct Pluto combined with the energy of this Full Moon phase will bring out full lunacy. But we are going to weave a more complex, glistening dream (vision) from all of it.

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