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This message resonates much with me of something I and others have been doing or at least trying/working to do for years. While reading it I felt that the underlying emotion conveyed in the message is that now is the time when the effort will flow naturally and no longer be so much an effort to swim the river as we will be flowing as one with the water ourselves. Instead of trying or working to do, we will simply be in each moment, walking and breathing our truth, and our true selves instead of damming the flow in order to fit in the human “modern cultural” world.
Thank you for sharing it!

The Ascension Scrolls


Meditation is for many a task, it is something they make time for and set a stop watch to end it so to speak. They sometimes have a journal that they keep handy and write down whatever they feel was accomplished. They cannot stand background noise during this, and often they end up getting uncomfortable after a while. You need to be in that spiritual state often, and so there are techniques for meditating in every minute of your life, as you do every task. It is infact a kind of like daydreaming but while actually being in the moment, and not off with your imagination thinking of a better way you could spend your time. The life we live is full of challenges and it is riddled with times you cannot stand, and times you cannot wait for, only to have your expectations well exceed the reality of the…

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Thank you for sharing this!

Activist Awake

PoofDec. 2, 2012 | Source

Greetings and Salutations:

I must apologize for the interview that folks heard on the net, I have turned down many interviews in the past, this time I did not know I was being recorded so, I was little ‘blue’ for some listeners. Much info I have been sitting on for years and have kept to myself. When you Know the game and the players, you know the lies being perpetrated thru the media. When the info is given to the public, I won’t be one of the people shocked by what is told, I’ll be relieved. And my head won’t be exploding anymore with ‘contained’ intel and info. Just because you know something doesn’t mean you need to speak it out to the uninitiated that have no background in understanding.

I know the world you are entering but to explain it in detail, I would…

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Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Hi Guys!

No message as such this week, as i am asked to pass on the message that many of us need a break for the week. The only message from Aurora and Adrial for this week is: “rest, meditate, heal, and link to spirituality in your life. This would not imply online presence, but rather interpersonal connections in your every day life and pursuing your spiritual journey.”

Those of us who still need to go on board Aurora are welcome as usual, but it is discouraged for us to do so for the entire week.

If you do go up, you will probably end up on your home planet for the week, and will be brought back in time through a worm hole every night of the week for wake up deadline on Earth. This is known to be exhausting when one has a human body here, so i am…

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Thank you for sharing this reminder! It seems my higher self has gotten tired of messaging and is going straight to the action as my computer and dialup connection have both been malfunctioning more and more lately until today they have been non-working all day;-) To my own readers-if you don’t see new posts as often as usual this computer and connection problem is why. Not sure how long it will take to fix, but I am trying to learn how to reblog things using my phone so the blog won’t be utterly silent!

Multidimensional Ocean

481787_393835837364962_1086849918_nI would like to share a quick message I have received from above.

I am being encouraged to post on spirituality more and more on my blogs, and to encourage people to develop their own spiritual journey.

I am also encouraged to share with my few readers that it is very important for lightworkers now to follow their own journey and path.  So please do not be afraid of standing in your own light, and of disregarding anything that is not of love.

We are encouraged to take our power back, to walk our talk, and to deepen our understanding of spirituality.

It seems it is important for us all to give our undivided attention to our loved ones, our family, friends, and pets.

I am encouraged to ask people to step back from all that is taking place in our front brain centre, and to move towards the back…

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