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This message resonates much with me of something I and others have been doing or at least trying/working to do for years. While reading it I felt that the underlying emotion conveyed in the message is that now is the time when the effort will flow naturally and no longer be so much an effort to swim the river as we will be flowing as one with the water ourselves. Instead of trying or working to do, we will simply be in each moment, walking and breathing our truth, and our true selves instead of damming the flow in order to fit in the human “modern cultural” world.
Thank you for sharing it!

The Ascension Scrolls


Meditation is for many a task, it is something they make time for and set a stop watch to end it so to speak. They sometimes have a journal that they keep handy and write down whatever they feel was accomplished. They cannot stand background noise during this, and often they end up getting uncomfortable after a while. You need to be in that spiritual state often, and so there are techniques for meditating in every minute of your life, as you do every task. It is infact a kind of like daydreaming but while actually being in the moment, and not off with your imagination thinking of a better way you could spend your time. The life we live is full of challenges and it is riddled with times you cannot stand, and times you cannot wait for, only to have your expectations well exceed the reality of the…

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