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more insights on the 12-12-if you are not Christian don’t be afraid to ignore those bits and use what works for you! I try to share lots of perspectives, because we all have pieces of the bigger puzzle, not to promote one way of thinking or seeing the world. Much thanks to Sandra for sharing this info with all of us!


Facing the Unknown at Zero Point

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution, on November 28, 2012


I described how a vortex works in my eCourse last week; how the Earth is passing through the smallest part of the hourglass right now. We get the galactic squeeze for a few more months, with the big push on December 21.

Besides the chaotic affect it has on our schedule, it also provides a brilliant possibility which we have been waiting for a long time. A blink to the Milky Way, or 300,000 years for many of us.

This galactic squeeze creates a few unique experiences:

  • Diminishing Magnetosphere – different frequencies of light penetrate the planet and everything on and in her being
  • Dimensional overlap – aka thinning of the veils, aka Astral collapse, aka global warming
  • Rapid Evolution aka Jump time
  • Dimensional Shift – if you’re on a planet ascending her frequency to birth a…

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I keep praying that the people in both Israel and Palestine who believe in Peace will gain power and those who wish to dominate or harm the “other” will lose power, that the will of the people will be respected. I guess from here all I can do is pray and things like sign petitions but with so many praying and holding the intention of peace it can’t be resisted forever!