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When I was a small child I told my parents stories about my friends on Jupiter. I explained them as beings made of gases, or wind vastly larger and less dense than human beings living in a very different environment with different ways of living and different focus for their interests and attention. I was always confused by sci-fi shows that always depicted aliens as humanoid sometimes fatter or thinner, balder or hairier but almost always upright walking on the ground conversing with words beings. I read a channeling once that said the “majority” of life in the Universe is humanoid (i believe they call it the adam-kadmon template or something like that) and I laughed out loud for about 10 minutes. There are so many other intelligent beings right here on Earth that the majority looking for aliens or other intelligence in the Universe are completely missing or ignoring that it reminds me of a Monty Python episode. When we limit our search and our ideas to the limits we have set for ourselves (IQ tests, opposable thumbs and rockets for instance) we make a circle that includes little and excludes much. If we want Contact we need to open our minds and hearts not just our telescopes and radio dishes;-) Thank you for sharing this!!

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With all the craziness going on in the day to day world, I really appreciate these posts reminding us of the deeper goings on, the positive changes that may not be apparent yet and that we do have more strength than we think to face the challenges. Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

You have come a long way dear ones, and even if the road has been a slippery and steep one for many of you, know that it is indeed about to level out considerably. As we have already discussed in an earlier message, this month of December will bring closure in many ways. And even if the rest of your sojourn on this planet will not be without its challenges too, they will indeed be of a very different caliber than the ones you have been through already. Not only in this life, but in all of the lifetimes you have amassed on this solitary journey you have undertaken.

For this is indeed a journey you have to take all by yourself. And even if there is much solace in the companionship you all share now that you have started to connect so beautifully, you are all aware that you…

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