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Thank you for this wonderful article! My Mom is a teacher;-)

Sunglasses Always Fit

You know the scene – it’s Christmas time (or “holiday tree time) and you want to show appreciation to your child’s teacher. You want it to involve your child, be meaningful, maybe even fun. You want it to be cheap. “A-ha! I will make her a dozen sugar cookies! My child and I will decorate them together! It will be an experience and she will see the time we spent on the cookies and feel appreciated!”

This is a very sweet idea. But…

I teach junior high Latin and Spanish, so I have roughly 130 students. At every holiday, my room is inundated with dozens of cookies. Some are the decorated sugar ones (which, let’s admit, aren’t ever tasty), some have nuts (cookie ruiners!), some have coconut (another ruiner!), some are from students whose hygiene habits I have serious doubts about.

If I conservatively estimate that only 1 in 3…

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