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FPL brings pipeline wars to Florida’s Everglades

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I can’t believe they want to frack in Florida! The Floridan aquifer has enough trouble with overpumping and rising sea level(saltwater intrusion is increased by both). Fracking in karst is possibly the only thing I can think of that is dumber than drilling a couple miles under the ocean;-/ We’ve got to get this nutjob out of our governor’s office asap!

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FPL pipeline_mapDespite growing resistance against oil and gas pipelines across North America, energy companies continue to push their plans for expansion.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Spectra, Constitution and Millennium pipelines in New York; the PTP and Enbridge pipelines across Canada; and, of course, the Keystone XL under construction in East Texas…  These pipelines are all specifically aimed at accommodating the extreme extraction practices of shale fracking and tar sands.

Now you can add FPL’s proposed pipeline to the list. Though the plan was already rejected once by Florida’s Public Service Commission, its back again. According to the Palm Beach Post:

Florida Power & Light (FPL) has proposed a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline that would run from Alabama to Martin County, and is seeking bids from companies interested in building what would become the state’s third major pipeline.

Juno Beach-based FPL, which continues to invest billions in power plants that…

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One thought on “FPL brings pipeline wars to Florida’s Everglades

  1. 😦 x infinity. of course this is true everywhere… but haven’t we already done enough to florida’s devastatingly fragile — and oh yes — endangered — ecosystem?!?!?

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