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Change IS coming. WE can make it GOOD.

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I love this! I love practical common sense approaches so much more than pie in the sky stuff that sounds so good and I want it-of course I do, of course you do-who wouldn’t it sounds so wonderful?! but then it doesn’t happen and having not planned for reality usually does not help things work out better…
We are on the path to cocreating a better world, it just takes work on many levels, luckily we have lots of support to make it not as hard to do;-)
Please keep the First Nations people in Canada in your positive thoughts and prayers-most may not be aware of what is going on there now, but I have posted some articles about it. It is more of the same cabal tricks but it may soon lead to actual warfare in Canada because even peaceful people will not allow their children and Mother Earth to be harmed and destroyed without fighting back.

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Interesting stuff to think about. I would say from my own experience/perception/memories the quad theory will also fall to further research-numbers and patterns are nice constructs for understanding and modeling but the universe that I’ve studied is not as stable as Earth scientists want to perceive it as. Our intellectual limiting thru patterns like 2 or 4 needs to constantly come with the reminder that the Map is Not the Territory and the Menu is Not the Meal;-) But I may be expecting kindergartners to do calculus-concepts are best understood in incremental stair steps for intellectual purposes after all!;-)

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Openhearted Rebellion

Here’s an excerpt from the Divine Mother’s interview on Dec. 10, 2012, giving just her guidance on how to welcome in 12:12 a.m. and p.m. on 12/12/12 and 12:12 a.m. on 13/12/12.

What I’m suggesting you do is to anchor in your heart, in the seat of your soul, in the totality of your being. Begin this, or set your clock — I do not ask you to stay awake for 24 hours; I want you alert and in good humor — but begin this meditation at 12:12, just after midnight on the 11th. Then reignite again on the 12th, of course, at noon, 12, through again to the midnight 12/12 of the 13th. Now, this is your three days of darkness, and it will not be dark, I tell you! We are turning on the light.

So, anchor in your heart, drop your cord, your being, your energy…

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My day was a bit odd in that most of it was pretty much like most of my days, ordinary, then random physical malfunctions that seemed to come out of nowhere, then worrying I was “late” and had missed out on everything. Somewhat comical now-how can I be late for something that is happening at an energy level? Where could I possibly be that is NOT completely integrated into the Universe and the energy of which we are all made?

That’s all the old paradigm-sickness, lateness, missing out on things, not fitting in, not understanding what is going on-all functions of a control-power-over-top-down society and world view that never quite worked for me at all. Glad it’s getting over with!;-)
I hope everyone will keep the First Nations people in Canada in your thoughts and prayers as well co-create this new world. I know the whole turbulence deal is part of the shift, but I always hope we can limit the actual bloodshed and suffering thru love and prayer.