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It is so nice to see President Obama making public what our government has been doing for so many decades. Who hired the SS when Nazi Germany lost WWII? Yep, the US. The CIA used to be called the OSS. Some of the comments in this article could have been lifted almost directly from the Congressional hearings on COINTELPRO from the 1970’s. If you read Chomsky or Howard Zinn, you can find discussion of this same sort of thing far earlier, possibly even under President Garfield, but definitely during the “Red Scare” McCarthy years.
What is most shocking is that this has been going on, it has been exposed countless times, published about, discussed in Congressional hearings, protested etc and the MAJORITY in America are either SHOCKED and horrified by this news, or will refuse to believe it.

This is not new, it is just the much prophesied Disclosure of all that has been hidden. The choices now are ours-do we become afraid and hide, worry and wish it away? Or do we roll up our sleeves and get to work recreating our world into a place our grandchildren will be safe and happy growing up in? I already chose option 2 in the 70’s. and am still waiting for the critical mass to join me(and so many others) that will tip the balance in favor of sanity, love and beauty and away from fear, control and power-fixation.

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Thank you for posting this Jean! The thing that allowed humans-basically mostly hairless apes with bigger brains-but lacking so many advantages that other large animals have-to not only survive the ice ages, and competition with other species and itself was altruism. The ability of humans to act together and to act against self interest in the interest of the group allowed our species to proliferate like a weed. It is the grace that can save us from ourselves-the only species that ever had a chance of eliminating us from the Earth;-)

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PoofDec. 16, 2012 | RMN

Greetings and Salutations:

It’s clear the gag order they put down when they got everything positioned is being held. I do know they were busting a hump this week to get the rest done. The pres doesn’t need to be in the WH for everything to proceed, where ever airforce 1 is, so’s the WH. We have our original constitutional treasury back and they did something with the fed, in other words, the ‘setup’ is done for a wonderful xmas. The mystery of the ‘moment’ lies in this silence. Be good and be ready because Santa’s coming to town.

Be at Peace and step into your glorious future. The door is open, now step lively.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around…

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What They Got Away With — Keith Secola — #IdleNoMore

Published on Dec 14, 2012

WHAT THEY GOT AWAY WITH by KEITH SECOLA from the album LIFE IS GRAND and the Rock Opera SEEDS. http://www.secola.com Thousands are marching across Canada under the banner #IdleNoMore. The mainstream media is not reporting this. These protests are in response to bill C-45 which not only violates treaty rights of Indigenous Peoples and threatens their way of life, it threatens all Canadians and the world community at large. It is time for a new way! #IdleNoMore (some protest images from other ongoing movements or historical events)

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For those of us not experiencing the easy ride of ever increasing bliss this week, Aisha has some helpful words, much thanks and blessings to her!

aisha north

As each day goes by, the intensity will magnify in such a way that many of you will have a hard time keeping up with the pace. That is, it will feel like you have a hard time keeping up, or rather, your physical body will. But please rest assured that no one is being left behind here, and even if you at times feel like you are indeed struggling mightily to keep up the pace, you are not lagging in any way. For this time, it is not you setting the pace anymore. For as you have all entered this vortice of change, it is the pull of gravity into this deep wormhole that is pulling at you, and it is doing so at a set pace. So you are all being transported through this portal, whether you feel you are actively taking part in it or not.


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