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It is so nice to see President Obama making public what our government has been doing for so many decades. Who hired the SS when Nazi Germany lost WWII? Yep, the US. The CIA used to be called the OSS. Some of the comments in this article could have been lifted almost directly from the Congressional hearings on COINTELPRO from the 1970’s. If you read Chomsky or Howard Zinn, you can find discussion of this same sort of thing far earlier, possibly even under President Garfield, but definitely during the “Red Scare” McCarthy years.
What is most shocking is that this has been going on, it has been exposed countless times, published about, discussed in Congressional hearings, protested etc and the MAJORITY in America are either SHOCKED and horrified by this news, or will refuse to believe it.

This is not new, it is just the much prophesied Disclosure of all that has been hidden. The choices now are ours-do we become afraid and hide, worry and wish it away? Or do we roll up our sleeves and get to work recreating our world into a place our grandchildren will be safe and happy growing up in? I already chose option 2 in the 70’s. and am still waiting for the critical mass to join me(and so many others) that will tip the balance in favor of sanity, love and beauty and away from fear, control and power-fixation.

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