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I heard this was to be posted, free to watch for several days-I am on dialup so won’t be able to see it(unless I find somewhere to watch it that has high speed;-) but wanted to share for those who can watch streaming video online. Feel free to leave comments telling me all about it;-)

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I think both the way this was done and is being “filtered” and the timing are suspect. Just as the Canadian government puts forth some incredibly suspect law changes that basically eliminate First Nations sovereignty and Canada’s treaty obligations, while giving complete free reign to corporations to extract resources, pollute land and waters on First Nations(and Canadian) lands, and the First Nations people start IdleNoMore , countrywide protests and road blockades and others begin solidarity actions in other countries, and at least one First Nation’s Chief began a hunger strike-we have these school shootings seemingly co-ordinated in the US and China.

There is always more to the story when they pull these weird mind control killings and coverups, I just wish I could figure out what is really going on;-/

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“Mankind has moved away from the heart of the world to the logic of the mind, and their belief is in the chemist, the physicist, and the mathematician. Science has proven to them that all this ancient belief in ceremony is simply ignorance.”

While being heart focused is a good thing, indigenous people are not heart-only. You have only to look a bit into the incredible mathematical scholarship and calendrical calculations of the Mayan people to see that there is nothing wrong with or ignored about our minds;-) The difference is that a european philosopher by the name of DesCartes made a point of divorcing mind and spirit in European/Colonized thought and logic a few hundred years ago, where Native science, math and scholarship overall have NEVER been separated from spirituality and awareness of true reality.

As much as I appreciate diversity in all things, including philosophy and thought, I think to understand what indigenous people think and feel about *ANYTHING* ceremony included it is best to actually read indigenous people’s writing-of which there is a plethora on the subject.

It is a really sore point with many indigenous people that so many white folks claim to be native “in spirit” or in past lives etc and then claim to speak for us-making millions doing so while real indigenous people suffer abject poverty and so many of our young people commit suicide because our spirituality and cultures have been co-opted, crushed and taken away from our people by force.

I just started reading a book by Vine DeLoria, who was the most well known, and possibly the most admired Native theologian and philosopher in America for many years. The book is called The World We Used to Live In: Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men. It was his last book before he passed away. It addresses some of the same things as the post above, but from a different perspective. I am looking forward to learning from him, as always-every one of his books is amazing.

I also just started another called Native Science: Natural Laws of Interdependence. I don’t know much about it yet, or it’s author but both are highly recommended by other Native scholars. It explains the Native sciences as rooted in the worldviews of Native people. So, just like Western Science is rooted in the western colonized worldview-it claims to be impartial and logical but it is not, it is heavily biased and based in certain assumptions (such as the inanimate nature of matter and nature-the idea that Life can be defined by man, the “right of dominion” of “man” over Nature and other absurdities;-) Native science is rooted in the worldview that everything is alive and worthy of respect. The author is Gregory Cajete.

I think we have an opportunity at this time to return to a wiser and more rooted way of being and worldview but in order to do so we must be able to discern what is truly rooted in what, rather than simply believing anyone who is not actually a natural part of a living tradition. That means people like me who were not raised directly in our ancestral traditions and people like Melchizedek and other well meaning white people who are coming completely from the outside having been raised in colonized society entirely, are also seekers with our own ideas and interpretations but NOT the roots, not the sources of the deep truths that many are seeking.

This is why, imho, I believe the cabal have been sparing no expense or effort in eradicating, harrassing, poisoning and making war on indigenous peoples all over the globe even more intensely than before for the last 50 years or so(knowing what was coming NOW)

Right NOW as we pass the 12-12 and head into 12-21-12 the cabal/NWO have started a WAR with the indigenous people of Canada-and it is not being reported, not even here, even tho it is one of the most significant things going on. Look up “IdleNoMore” or “Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence hunger strike” to find out more of what is going on *right now*.

It is no accident, the timing-they mean to prevent exactly what we here, and Native/indigenous people everywhere are working toward with this coming gateway. They are actively blocking ndn activists like me from posting about this on wordpress, and on facebook. Younger people I know who are working on this have been fighting thru the software blocking, and switching out with others when it gets too bad(can’t post at all) I have dialup and no one to use for back up so I’m back to just praying a lot. ;-/

I hope many of you will join me in praying for the First Nations people in Canada, many of whom are in danger because they are doing the hard work of directly opposing the cabal we are all opposing, whether on protests, road blockades, or hunger strikes they are protecting Mother Earth with their bodies, minds and spirits. THAT is what I was raised to know as ceremony, or at least one very important aspect of it.

They can take away so much with colonization, cause so much suffering and loss. But until they kill every last one of us, they will never take away the determination of Native peoples to fight for Mother Earth with everything we have left to us. That is our ceremony no matter how it may be done in any given moment.

That is why they target us for genocide on every continent and why they are attacking at this crucial time. Our brothers and sisters in Canada need our prayers, and our ability to share information to keep the light of the world on them which will keep them safer than if KKKanada(as my friends call it;-) is able to keep what they are doing out of view.

Blessings to Jean, Melchizedek and all who share the information, who look to the living traditions that survived despite colonization to bring the truth to this time, and to all who pray for those who are risking their all for Mother Earth.

It is not, I think, a coincidence alone that the Chinese character in the I-Ching contains both Opportunity and Crisis.

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I love this! We can co-create the better world moment by moment-you NEVER know when that kindness you show to another being is the thing that brought them back from despair, that turned a life aside from becoming a tragedy like the school shooting. I’ve been sick for years, stuck mostly in bed, or at best at home, mostly alone and useless. But whenever I got to encounter other beings, I vowed to do the best I could to make things better in whatever way I could. I always felt like this was so inadequate, so little, so nothing compared to the giant horrible problems and all that needed doing. But still, it felt like something more than being a burden, a dead weight on Mother Earth. So I transplant “weeds” from neighbors gardens, and smile at strangers in the grocery store, and pray for everyone. It is so nice to read things that remind me that our actions DO matter, our prayers and dreams and moment to moment choices between selfish and loving-it all adds up to a world to live in, doesn’t it?